Mama Linguere Sarr of FatuRadio Network had an impromptu and revealing interview with a former member of the so-called Youth of Dictator Yaya Jammeh, on Monday August 31, 2015. The former Green Youth has now absconded to Italy, as a refugee, through the Backway (See SoundCloud 9/02/2015 below) . The youth seems to be holding back some of the heinous activities he witnessed, in his calm voice, but he said enough scary things, and that  left the host speechless at the end.

The article below was originally published on our PPP page on September 2014, sounding the alarm of the real and vile role of the Green Youth paramilitary organization headed by AFPRC KMC Mayor, Yankuba Colley. This accidental interview further validates our story. Please read below and listen to the interview for yourself.

Who Are The Green Boys & Girls, or Green Youths of Gambia?

The Green Youths of Dictator Yaya Jammeh & the AFPRC are the most dangerous organization in the country, period! I would like to explain & and elaborate. .. The Green Youths are a paramilitary organization, deceptively paraded as a youth training program, to support Jammeh’s various illegal activities, enforce his brutish decrees, protect his illegal business dealings, and intimidate the people. It is headed by the KMC Mayor Yankuba Colley.

My friends, don’t be fooled, mark my word this day. Their undisclosed job description is to be the eyes & ears – informants – for the Jammeh’s NIA in every community, on every street, high school, club, taxi cab, Masjid, markets etc. They are trained in reporting on the activities and movements of perceived enemies of the junta, clandestinely to the NIA. They are also trained in handling light weapons, secretly, on Jammeh’s high fenced off illegal properties, spread strategically across the country. They also help secretly stash, or pre-position weapons on Jammeh’s various farms close to opposition strongholds, in especially in the Kombos, Fonyi, Jarra, and Kiang & Badibou. They are also trained to disrupt and prevent opposition rallies or activities, intimidate supporters or start fights. They also follow Jammeh around the country to enhance his aura of mysticism & control, mind you, they are trained dancers & entertainers, all to enhance Jammeh’s image.

Was it a coincidence that the Green Youths were at the border near Basse recently  ( in 2014) , to assist the military in denying the body of Buba Baldeh entry in The Gambia for proper burial…The Green Youths have been known to locate & help the NIA, Junglars,  kidnap people, whose whereabouts still remain unknown. The army and NIA routinely recruit among their ranks. The Green Youths come from the unemployed population, who, out of desperation, succumb to the seductive appeal of traveling & partying in Kanilai, & around the country for free. During the training & adventure, most of them become exposed to alcohol, marijuana & sexual promiscuity for the first time, largely against the wishes of their parents. As you well know, loose morals, lack of parental supervision, the possibility of sexual experimentation is very seductive to young people who feel trapped by poverty, and overwhelmed with raging hormones. As young men & women, many of them rebellious, high school drop outs, they seize the opportunity to also enhance their self-esteem, & elevate their perceived low social standing in their community. According, to the former Green Youth absconder, now in Italy, pregnancies are a common occurrence, and parents are intimidated to challenge their young children about it. Many men have become emasculated and timid, because Dictator Yaya Jammeh routinely threatens any husband who dares to refuse their wives to travel to Kanilai unaccompanied, to entertain him.                 The level of debauchery and sexual promiscuity of the impressionable youths taking place at Kanilai is heartbreaking and bordering on criminality and child molestation, encouraged by the Dictator Jammeh. There is a ready and abundant supply of condoms, by Jammeh, and he has publicly condemned the use of condoms as un-African! The Green Youths are the enforcers living among the people, high on drugs, sexually charged and overly aggressive and morally bankrupt, yet without skills and functionally illiterate, thanks to Yaya Jammeh.

 Unfortunately, the Green Youth organization is no substitute for an employment or training program. As the numbers grew, Jammeh is unable to sustain or maintain them, because they have totally become dependent with no marketable skills or education. He is unable to pay them anymore & many families are demanding for their kids, or outright complain that they have been kidnapped & brainwashed to defy them. Today, as we go to press, it is reported on FatuRadio site that the unceremonious divorce has finally occurred…some of the Youths have been thrown out, evicted, to face the elements on their while they are owed millions of Dalasis!

What more evidence do you need that this is another example of the failure of this junta? Please help them, the former Green Youths, your family members, to re-settle back into civilization. They need to be cleansed of all the brainwashing they have been through. Remember that Jammeh is still keeping the more dedicated thousands, to activate for 2016 election season. The Green Youths, as a paramilitary organization, has historical precedence. Hitler & the Nazis had the feared Brown Shirts, Saddam Hussein had the Feddayeen, & Laurent Gbagbo had the Young Patriots, led by Charles Ble Goude. Remember that Yaya Jammeh was the only president in the whole wide world to openly support Gbagbo during the Ivorian civil war…coincidence? I don’t think so, ah beg…By the way, both Gbagbo & Ble Goude are detainees at the International Criminal Court! So, please help rescue family members & friends who are still part of the Green Youths, help stop their abuse & militarization. This information comes from a former Green Youth. Real democracies create strong and lasting institutions to enhance strong values, promote equality, independence, and opportunity for all who want to try.

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