Dear Editor,


On July 7th 2018 at 11.45 am, one Pa Modou Bojang published on facebook a story that commenced ‘Reminder of the past, how our current Secretary General corruptly and dishonestly embezzled our fund….. Mr Drammeh is not trustworthy at all therefore, President Barrow should lay him off.


The publication listed out what were purported to be 11 charges against Mr Drammeh on Thursday July 26th, 2007 and concluded with the words ‘P.S Mr Drammeh was said to be guilty in all these counts, but entered in Plea Bargain with the High Court and he paid back the amount with the help of one of her sisters.


The story attracted several shares on social media and was followed with numerous insults and spiteful remarks.


The certified transcripts of those proceedings clearly show that Mr Drammeh had been charged with 11 counts of giving false information as well as economic crimes in the year 2007. Mr Drammeh had pleaded not guilty to all of these charges. These charges were basically an attempt to persecute him by throwing everything at him.


The case did not proceed although Mr Drammeh was terminated from his job as Director General of the Gambia Tourism Authority by Ex President Jammeh and his residential property seized.


On the 29th June 2010 the Attorney General’s Chambers withdrew the case against Mr Drammeh and the High Court struck out the matter and discharged Mr Drammeh.

His property was subsequently returned to him.

Mr Drammeh has served in the public service for almost three decades and in every institution he has conducted himself with distinction.


The charges against Mr Drammeh arose from executive directives and he was subjected to 4 years of persecution after which all charges against him were dropped.


The statements by Mr Bojang are false and libelous and intended to injure the reputation of Mr Drammeh.


I think the rise of dishonest reporting and social media misconduct by Gambians can no longer be tolerated.

I have all the relevant documentation.