There is fear in the country (at least in some circles), that the security situation is not what it is supposed to be. Peace and stability are two of the most important ingredients of development. Without them, nothing can progress. It is only when there is peace that citizens can work for their welfare, which is also the welfare of the State. Thus everything should be done to ensure that there is peace and stability in the country.

We have given you and your government all the tools to guarantee our protection. You have been given the legal basis to put mechanisms in place to ensure that the territorial integrity of the country is safeguarded from every possible threat. These include that fact that the law has allowed you to have the entire security agencies at all entry points into the country. These include the various borders, the seaport and the airport.

The fact that three former officers of the Gambia National Army accused of a number of atrocious acts returned to the country unnoticed after having left with former president Yahya Jammeh indicate a monumental lapse in the nation’s security. This matter is so grave that suspending suspects alone is not enough. Proper and thorough investigations have to be conducted and if anyone is found wanting, they should be prosecuted. They should face the full force of the law in order for it to serve as a deterrent to anyone who has intentions to harbor any criminals in the future.

This goes to prove that leaving known allies and collaborators of the former president to work in your government is a huge miscalculation which can backfire, if it hasn’t already. Mr President, Yahya Jammeh was in power for twenty-two years and he had supporters and allies. He had people who depended on him. These people are loyal to him and may have a desire to have what they lost back.

So, it is advisable for your government to do a thorough purge of the government and weed out all people who are accused of having done something untoward during the previous government. Otherwise, we can never be sure when some unscrupulous individual will do something which can give way to people with bad intentions that chance to enter the country.

The people who were at the airport on the fateful day that these generals came into the country should be investigated and prosecuted if they are found to have done something bad.

You must handle this carefully and urgently.

Have a Good Day Mr President…

Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen