The Fatu Network has intercepted a Government dispatch urging all schools in the greater Banjul area to remain closed from Thursday, May 5 through Saturday. Although no reason has been advanced for this abrupt decision, the Fatu Network has gathered from different security sources that Dictator Jammeh has decided to do this to clamp down on peaceful protesters who are now showing open defiance anytime The UDP leaders appears in court.



Our security sources have said that Dictator Jammeh is getting increasingly impatient and frustrated by the apparent show of bravely by Gambians who are showing solidarity with Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and the rest of the people arrested on April 14 and 16.



The dictator is said to have given specific orders to brutally crack down on peaceful protesters who always converge in court each time Lawyer Darboe’s case is set to be heard. The fact that the dictator has ordered all schools closed according to our sources, is a clear indication of seriousness that he is ready for a show down.



The Fatu network is monitoring the situation and any attempt to violate the rights of Gambians through heavy-handedness of the security will surely not be tolerated. We have also notified the International Community about the underline plans by dictator Jammeh to harm innocent and defenseless civilians.