The first Cabinet meeting of President Adama Barrow’s government was convened on Thursday, 13th
April 2017, at state house. In his opening remarks, President Barrow noted that expectations are
high and they have to urgently embark on a transformative national development agenda in line with
the Coalition manifesto. He highlighted the huge task ahead and the need to be action oriented. He
set out the priority areas to include the energy sector, fixing the broken economy, unifying the nation,
improving the health and agricultural sub-sectors and ending the country’s isolation. He further
highlighted the urgency for institutional, electoral and constitutional reforms in line with what he
described as “our new democratic principles that will respond to the realities of our time.” The
President pointed out that all these will be addressed alongside with the Civil Service and Security as
well as state owned enterprise reforms.

President Barrow urged Cabinet to be resolute in their determination to build a better Gambia. He
recognized that with the wealth of experience and competence in the cabinet, rapid transformation
can take place to bring back the former glory of the nation. He said he was optimistic that the
Cabinet will work together to formulate the right policies and programmes to address short term
needs but also to control poverty, hunger and disease, which he described as “the enemies of

In line with democratic principles, President Barrow advised Cabinet to debate constructively to
reach consensus on the common agenda. This, he said, will require collective responsibility to
further the national development agenda. He called on the cabinet to work hard and take advantage
of the good will of our development partners to achieve the expectations of Gambians.

The President concluded by thanking Cabinet for taking the responsibility of nation building. He

urged them to work together and advised that to success they must all “strive and work and pray” as
stated in our national anthem.

Petroleum and Energy Minster, Honourable Fafa Sanyang Sworn- In

The Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Honourable Fafa Sanyang expressed gratitude to H.E.
President Adama Barrow for approval of his appointment. He acknowledged that it is a huge
responsibility and he will relying on His Excellency and his colleagues in cabinet to achieve the
stated goals of the government to have reliable and affordable energy supply. He noted the linkage
between the energy sector and sustainability of socio- economic development programmes.
Honourable Sanyang said he is aware of the enormous challenges NAWEC had but promised to put
in all his efforts to engage for the betterment of The Gambia. He finally pledged to uphold the oath
he swore to.

In his remarks, President Barrow congratulated Honourable Fafa Sanyang and noted that despite the
fact that he was the last cabinet Minister to be appointed, it is because he wanted the best person for
the job. He said that Honourable Sanyang had been widely recommended for his expertise and
professionalism thus the responsibility has been bestowed upon him. President Barrow urged the
Petroleum and Energy Minister and his team to work effectively to improve the performance of the
energy sector in the shortest possible time.

Amie Bojang-Sissoho
Director of Press and Public Relations

For: Secretary General

CC: Media Houses
Web Manager – State House Website