By Tukulor Sey


I can’t believe it’s been a year since Yahya Jammeh took your life simply because you exercised your right to protest, demanding electoral reform. Oh Solo! Yaya saw you as a threat because he feared his TYRANNICAL DYNASTY WOULD COME TO AN END and guess what? YAYA HAS BEEN REMOVED THROUGH ELECTIONS! While we celebrate your heroism and are thankful for your sacrifice, Yaya lives in a foreign country where nobody knows his name – he is a nonentity. We have a national assembly that will amend the electoral laws to favor all citizens. Your death and that of many before you, shall not go in vain because JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.

You have many who love you! Your children and Nyima miss you. UDP misses an irreplaceable member. YOUR INCIDENT SPARKED A MOVEMENT called Kalamaa Revolution. MANY were arrested, some SEVERELY TORTURED, but they kept on fighting! SOME WERE SENTENCED TO 3 YEARS, but they remained defiant. The fear of The Dictator diminished! Gambian voters and the diaspora TOOK THE BULL BY THE HORNS AND CONFRONTED YAYA THROUGH THE BALLOT & WON! Your comrades were released, and WE ARE FREE!

Heroes sometimes die, but their memory lives on through their families. Solo, your children named a Foundation after you to keep your memory and legacy alive (Solo Sandeng Foundation). There is an adage “an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Your family has jumped many hurdles, endured their biggest nightmare of losing you, yet they remain humble, religious, and steadfast.
As we prepare to walk the path you took that day, we pray for Allah to accept you in his Jannah. Ameen. #SoloLegacy #IAmSoloSandeng #KalamaaRevolution