Dear Editor,

My first analysis of the results are:

1.The winner for me is GDC, a party less than three years but doing well although unfortunately too on tribal lines. If you can lay hands on the comprehensive election results by ward, I will show you how the data speaks to this. You may see similar trends with UDP and APRC results.

  1. UDP have not done well as anticipated in my opinion although they were able to garner 50% of the seats. They could face serious challenges in upcoming polls if they fail to play their cards rights especially should GDC and APRC come together.Also it will be interesting to see the electoral map of results by ward or aggregated at district level. I could do this with the data if i have.

  2. The APRC performance for me is an indication that Gambian voters have disconnected Yaya Jammeh’s atrocities away from the APRC, meaning they see the country’s 22 year dictatorship as a one man affair and not linked to their party. In this regard, APRC may still improve in subsequent polls if the other parties did not work on how to discredit the party base on the past atrocities.

  3. Disappointely again, PDOIS have not done well at all. This shows that Gambians may listen to them and probably admire their knowledge in discussing key national issues but are not convinced that they can lead the country. Their performance from these and previous polls as being oldest political party speaks volumes. They need to change their strategies in order to improve

  4. GMC won only one seat probably from the head of their party’s area.

  5. If you check the total votes won by GDC in these polls both by numbers and percentages, they should be proud of their performance.

These are my thoughts for now. The detail analysis of the results could bring more to light.

A Concerned Gambia