As the Gambia edges towards the 2016 General Elections, so is Dictator Yahya Jammeh also getting worried by the day to have an already fed-up population rallied around his failed policies.


But one thing that the Dictator is not short of is what one credible source of The Fatu Network referred to as the “tons of willing horses” that are lined-up to embark on a campaign of deliberate misinformation drive in an attempt to polish the already battered image of Dictator Yahya Jammeh.


One such person identified by our credible source is the disgraced former Secretary General of the Civil Service and one time Presidential Affairs Minister, Momodu Sabally, who calls himself Gambia’s pen. Even though he has the entire state machinery behind him including the Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) which day in day out is only used for propaganda, yet Dictator Jammeh according to our credible sources wants even more aggressive propaganda messaging on his government’s development activities as the country gets closer to the General Elections.


Just this past Monday, February 15th 2016, Dictator Yahya Jammeh in his usual trait, demoted the Director General of GRTS Lamin Manga and have him replaced by Momodou Sabally…a move many interpret as the dictator’s desperate attempt in ensuring that the APRC so-called development projects get a deserved publicity on the both National TV and Radio.


Indeed Gambia’s dictator see the GRTS as his personal property which the opposition are denied access even in this crucial electoral season. At the very least, opposition parties are only allowed to appear on the national media during the last ten days of the election campaign period which is even heavily censored.


Momodou Sabally who has earned himself with the reputation of being Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s ball-boy ready to be kicked anyhow, has been on record for personally carrying out the dirty propaganda onslaughts of the dictatorship targeted either at Gambia’s local tribes or neighbouring countries. Momodou Sabally stunned the world in 2012 when he went on the national television to disparage the mandingo tribe…the biggest ethnic grouping in the Gambia on the orders of dictator Jammeh. Sabally also went on to verbally insult the West on the National TV for what he called their constant interference in the internal affairs of the Gambia.


The Fatu Network will continue to closely monitor Momodou Sabally’s antics and actions. Any attempt by the dictator’s old ball-boy to misinformed and or disparage the dignity of innocent Gambians, will be swiftly dealt with.