By Fatou Sowe

The Chairman of the commission of inquiry, Surahata S Janneh alongside other members of the commission, Wednesday visited the Dunes Resort which former President Jammeh is said to be the owner. The name of the resort has featured prominently at the previous sittings of the commission and it forms part of the mandate of the commission.

The commission was earlier informed by Nuha Touray former secretary to cabinet that Ex President Jammeh purchased the resort with public funds.

Upon arrival at the virtually nonfunctional resort in Kololi, they found a Guinean national while the main person handling the place was nowhere to be seen.

Consequently the commission members could only inspect the backyard, the pool side and the main reception.

The lead investigator tasked with the responsibility to investigate about the resort then informed the chairman that he resort was occupied by agents of the national intelligence agency who have vacated the place after Jammeh went into exile.