The Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council and Former Ruling APRC National Mobilizer, Yankuba Colley has called on the government to reopen the Bakoteh Dumpsite after it was closed by individuals who claimed to be managing the place.


Colley said the closure of the dumpsite was not ordered by the municipal authorities but it was just some people taking advantage of the new dispensation with the intention of staging a demonstration around the Bakoteh Dumpsite. “They have closed the dumpsite till date,” Mayor Colley lamented.


The KMC Mayor urged the new government to intervene to reopen the place for the interest of the people of the municipality, saying there is no dumpsite and people are dumping at unauthorized places in the municipality. He said all previous efforts of the former government to partner with the international bodies to take charge of the dumpsite has failed to succeed.


Alkalo of Manjai, Mommodou Salieu Gomez said he was not informed about the closure of the dumpsite. He said all the gabarge that are collected in the Kombos are at dump at Manjai. He added that the closer of the site is not bad as its affect the livelihood of the populace living in Manjai.
“All the wells in Manjai are polluted and are banned for drinking. The dumpsite has caused many sicknesses that are related to environmental health problems,” Alkalo Gomez lamented.


The Alkalo said there was a feasibility study at the place. He denied allegations that he does not support the closure of the dumpsite, saying he has not spoken to any government official regarding the reopening of the dumpsite.


Meanwhile, residents and business owners in the municipality are complaining about the uncollected garbage around the market and public places particularly in the rainy season.