By Omar Wally

One Binta Bojang, a 45 year old woman is currently in police custody for allegedly rubbing a toxic chemical, suspected to be an acid or ‘soda’ on her husband’s private part. In an interview with The Fatu Network, ASP Foday Conta, Police public relations Officer, said the incident happened on Tuesday, October 17, at Brusubi, when the husband return home from spending the night with his new wife.

“When he returned home, the first wife asked him to sleep with her, the husband said he can’t  because he was going to work” said Police PRO.

ASP Conta added that there was push and pull between the couple and the  husband had no option but to succumb to her demand.

“When the husband agreed to sleep with her, she entered the bathroom poured some toxic chemical on a towel and returned back to bedroom. She used the towel with the chemical on it to rub her husband’s private part with it pretending that she was cleaning it”.

Police spokesman said the husband later realized that something was not normal with his private part, he went to the bathroom and realized that it was as swelling.

PRO: “He asked the wife what she did to his private part, his wife responded by saying that he will never sleep with the second wife ever again.”

The husband rushed to The Brusubi police station and was escorted to the hospital by the police, who later arrested his wife said Police spokesman.

“Initially the lady denied but after a thorough investigation and interrogation she confessed.”

ASP Conta disclosed that the accused said her intention was not to get to that extent and that it was out of jealousy.

The lady is currently detained at Brusubi Police Station and the investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the husband is said to be admitted at the hospital.