It will be an understatement to say that I was proud of being a Gambian while I watched you deliver a most brilliant speech at the United Nations General Assembly. The humility, poise, dignity and eloquence with which you delivered that speech was just impeccable.
The issues you spoke about are indeed most pertinent. You spoke about strengthening of democracy, respect for Human Rights and the Rule of Law. You spoke of creating employment for the youth and reform of the civil services. You spoke of the efforts to maintain peace in the world, rightly saying that the knowledge and expertise is not lacking; rather, it is political will which is the problem.
Mr President, you said you will work to restore the Gambia’s image and standing in the international community. To do this, you are willing to reenter the Commonwealth and the International Criminal Court. These are commendable. You rightly thanked the nations and organizations that stood by and with us during the political impasse – a most difficult and unfortunate period of our country’s life.
Now, Mr President, we must ensure that the good speech moves from rhetoric to actions. We must strengthen the institutions to ensure respect for Human Rights and the Rule of Law. We must pay particular attention to youth employment and most importantly, we must ensure that there is a systems change. In this direction, Mr President, We, the People of the Gambia give you full authority and permission to hire whomsoever you deem fit to deliver up to expectation.
Similarly, you have the right to fire whosoever fails to deliver. We must not allow people to derail or delay our progress. It’s high time our functionaries delivered quality services or leave!
Once again, I thank you so very much for wonderfully representing us! Hail Barrow!
Have a Good Day Mr President….
Tha Scribbler Bah
A Concerned Citizen