Vice President….

I am at a loss as to why you still failed to appoint a Vice President knowing that this is a very important office in the country. What is actually the problem? Are there extenuating circumstances we do not know about? Is it that you are not in control of the situation, that there is something, or someone, who is making you insist on appointing FTJ as the VP?


It is abundantly clear that the good lady is more than qualified for the job; she is certainly a patriot who has gathered a lot of experience working both nationally and internationally. But she is barred by the age limit clause of the Constitution. Of course, we want a competent and qualified vice president like Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow but we cannot wait any longer. The vice president is the one who answers to questions in the National Assembly on behalf of the president, the vice president represents the president in forums which he is unable to attend; it is the vice president who takes over should the president become incapacitated for any reasons whatsoever. Seeing all these, it becomes abundantly clear that the office of the vice president should be filled forthwith.


Mr President, almost all sections of society have called on you to appoint your Number Two. Last week a senior lawyer renewed the call for the appointment of a VP. So why is it that you are still quiet on the issue? You see, we are on the outside and it is quite possible that you have very good reasons for the delay, reasons which will convince anybody that you are justified in this delay. We the ordinary citizens cannot know those reasons, if there are any. What you owe us however, is to explain to us why the delay. So long as you don’t appoint a Number Two and you do not come out and talk to us, we will continue to demand for it, if need be, we will come out in the streets to demonstrate our dissatisfaction over the silent treatment on this issue.

We, the Sovereign People of the Gambia, hereby demand that our Chief Servant Adama Barrow appoint a Vice President with immediate effect.


Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen