Free Baboucarr Nani Sey; Go After the Big Fish

The arrest, rearrest, charging and arraignment of sports journalist Baboucarr Nani Sey beats comprehension. Baboucarr and his fellow youths were protesting what they saw as an ‘illegal transfer of ownership ‘ of a particular land in their area, Kololi. He was then arrested, charged, bailed and rearrested now to appear in court.


It is interesting to note that according to Baboucarr, they were simply demonstrating peacefully their disagreement on the selling of this important land by Kanifing Municipal Council to Global Properties and some other entity. The youth of the area have claimed that if anything, they are the ones who should be arrested but not Baboucarr Nani Sey.


It is said that when our football team performed well in a competition, Yahya Jammeh spontaneously gave them a piece of land situated near the stadium which used to belong to KMC; and then instructed the Department of Lands to compensate them by giving them another land. That is how the Department of Lands came to give the Kololi land (the disputed land) to KMC who later sold it to Global Properties and some other entity.


It is clear therefore that this mess is also a doing of Yahya Jammeh and his erratic behavior. Thus, even after being defenestrated, the clown is still impacting negatively on the Gambia and her people. This issue should therefore be viewed critically before it escalates into something else.


Government should therefore look into this problem quickly and closely with a view to finding a lasting solution to the standoff. As this involves the youth who are largely unemployed [thus frustrated, with a lot of time on their hands], it could escalate very rapidly.


Thus, as the saying goes, ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure.’ Solve this problem. Now!


Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen