The spokesperson of the coalition government and President Barrow’s adviser on governance has finally cleared the air on his position in the ‘New Gambia’ by announcing his intention to contest for the Serrekunda Constituency Parliamentary seat in the upcoming April election.

Halifa Sallah who was expected by many to be the next Speaker of the National Assembly since he did not occupy any ministerial position in the new government said he wouldn’t be qualified to be Speaker if he contest as candidate according to the Constitution of the Gambia.

Sallah was speaking on Thursday, February 23, during a Press Conference to clear the air on the position of the Coalition government in the coming Parliamentary elections.

The Gambia goes to the polls to elect its 53 Parliamentarians who will be joined by five other members to be nominated by the President from whom the Speaker will be elected from.

Sallah made it clear that the coalition did not make any conclusion as to how they will contest the coming Parliamentary elections but promised that by Friday, February 24, they will make a conclusion and convey the message to the Gambian people.

Mr Sallah expressed appreciation and acknowledged all the comments and phone calls for him to take a ministerial position in the government.

“Everybody wants Halifa Sallah to occupy a big position and I thank them for that. Even the president wishes the same but it is not about Prestige, it is about serving the nation” he said.

According to him, if he contest for National Assembly seat, its another way of serving the nation.

“National assembly is as important as the executive. It guides and checks the executive in governance. Remember ministers will be bringing bills and policies to the Assembly and it is important when they look around they see faces that they respect” he said.

According to him, they want to make sure there is a National Assembly that represents the people and not the president or a party and he will work to make sure that it will not be a rubber stamp.

“We need to get the best National Assembly that acts as an oversight institution, holds the government accountable and stand for the Gambian people. This is the Assembly we want” he concluded.