Wonders shall never end. In life come moments when one is compelled to face his past. Some take a step back to reflect and draw lessons to right their wrongs. Others, due to the enormity of their lapses, opt to run as far as possible to avoid their deeds catching up with them. Their efforts rekindle the proverbial ostrich of burying their heads in the sand to escape recompense. Thus, Fabakary Tombong Jatta’s recent attempt to distance himself and APRC from Yaya Jammeh came across as a person attempting to disinfect his DNA in order to be different. He tested, “Those alleged to have committed wrongs were not doing it in the name of the party and that include former President Jammeh. I believe if there is any wrong doing by Yahya Jammeh they should be directed at him as an individual and not the APRC in general because the party was not behind anything associated with the allegations”. Verily, Yaya Jammeh and APRC are one with two varied names.


You cannot mention one without conjuring the other. As a result, Karamba Touray charged, “Mr Jatta is attempting an impossible feat; dissociation from oneself. They are condemned by history for the terror and violence that they represented. This distinction without a difference implicit in his statement does not pass the common sense test for most Gambians”.

Madi Jobarteh was even more blunt in his reaction to Mr Jatta’s attempt to rewrite history, “Fabakary had the legal, political and moral obligation to defend the rights and lives of Gambians under Section 17 of our Constitution, yet he committed a crime of both commission and omission for failing to uphold Section 17. During the period in which Fabakary Tombong Jatta was a member of parliament, Yaya Jammeh consistently flouted every rule of our constitution and committed every kind of crime with impunity yet Fabakary Tombong Jatta never stood up in the parliament to condemn the excesses of the Executive. Rather he supported it wholeheartedly”. I don’t really see how Mr Jatta can successfully distance the APRC from Yaya Jammeh not alone his crimes. History a battery of evidence not only crucifying APRC but also incriminating Mr Jatta. Was he not among those who organised and partook in the solidarity matches to uphold Jammeh’s gross disregard and abuse of the Constitution? Who was championing the crowning of Jammeh?. This is precisely why those in power must be very mindful how they exercise it.

Mr President, pertinent lessons can be drawn from the Fabakary Tombong Jatta’s saga. Firstly, nothing last forever. In other words, no matter how powerful, popular and revered one maybe, a day will arise when all is deflated. Therefore, how one relates and treat others less fortunate than you determines how they will treat you when you equally need them. This remains me of another Wolof dictum: “Running from the sick. Don’t run from the sick until they become aware of it as it can worsen their sickness”. It went on to warn “If the person recovers from the sickness and you happened to need his help after abandoning him in his time of need won’t you be a destitute? Furthermore and the most worrying is how people will make you believe in the existence of unrealistic elution while you are in power. Those who are meant to be honest with you by pointing out your strength weakness will only be dressing you in borrowed robes. They will make you believe those telling you the truth no matter what are jealous and your enemies. Some will ensure anyone who will genuinely hold you accountable is kept well away from your reach. Similarly, if you believe as a leader, you can do as your ego pleases at the expense of popular demand, a day will come when you look back at things you could have said or done differently only to beat yourself. That moment everybody should endeavour to avoid by all means. Mr President, like Yaya, you are also surrounded by the likes of Fabakary Tombong Jattas. Don’t be another victim of their schemes.

2 term-limit. This is the desire of every Gambian to have a two-term limit for the presidency in the constitution. It will avert anyone overstaying his or her welcome as a president. More so, it avails every Gambian the opportunity to lead and contribute as a leader. You are chanced by fortune to leave a legacy that will survive the termites of time and be a referential leader for democracy. On the other hand, you can choose to be a leader whose people cannot wait to bid farewell. At least I have done my part for been sincere with you.

Finally, I want to commend Hon Mai Ahmad Fatty to being a people’s leader. He quickly response to situations requiring leadership intervention and arbitration. For instance, the Sibanor saga and the message circulating on the social media. He assured, “In as much as the safety, peace and security of citizens is our primary concern, we will not do anything tantamount to the invasion of the privacy of citizenry and an affront on the respect of the fundamental human rights of the citizenry”.


Sulayman Jeng
Birmingham, UK