Today is another historic day for Gambia as her resilient children voted to fortify her new found freedom and democracy. Firstly, I extend my profound congratulations to the United Democratic Party for its dazzling victory in the just concluded NAM election. It is pleasing to note Gambians have not only decided to safeguard her freedom but proven taking charge of one’s political destiny is the only way out of dictatorship. Albeit, the campaign has witnessed a charade to smear the respectable images of party leaders, the election is Gambia’s first free and fair election. We have learned and decided that recoiling into the irresponsible excuse “I am not interested in politics” only mutates dictators. As a consequence, keen interest in the political affairs of our governance has flourished charmingly as manifested in the results.

As the blinding dust of the campaign is settling amicably, we must put our differences aside and foster the fortification of our freedom and democracy. Gambians are forging social groups with the intent of guiding our leaders to desk our country on solid institutions to enhance sustainable socio-economic development. It is understandable our expectations are high due to nauseating 22 repressive years we just emerged from. Notwithstanding, we must be tolerant with our young government. The volcanic charade to smear and reach for one another’s throat with shinny profane daggers which erupted during the NAM political campaign won’t drive any society towards peace, stability and development. If for anything, the electorates have taught us all the final political decision isn’t party surrogates but theirs. The mind that is incapacitated to learn, adapt and incorporate and transform experiences into personal development is dangerous.

As families continue to mourn and seek justice for their love ones, government must ensure its swiftest dispensation. In the process, tears will be shed and tempers explode but just must be done. The security must equally endeavour to stem out the repeat of what was seen in the court when the NIA 9 were arraigned before a judge. Both parties must understand in a free world, rights and freedom have enjoyed without taking the law in one’s hands.

Finally, we hope the president will use his constitutional mandate to nominate ladies since the gender proportion remains alarmingly unequal. Until Monday, have a blessed weekend.


By Sulayman Jeng

Birmingham, UK