Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh has disgracefully fired his long time stewardess and family member Ndey Jammeh. This is not the first time that Ndey has been removed from State House. The first one was after Jammeh’s failed marriage with Alima Sallah, daughter of The Gambia’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to our credible sources, Ndey was disgraced by the dictator during his dialogue with the people tour in the Lower River Region (LRR) and was asked to leave the tour immediately. She has also been dismissed from her State House job and indeed all other official role/s she was engaged in.


Sources told Fatu Radio Ndey’s dismissal had to do with information that was allegedly passed to the First Lady, Zineb Jammeh which was said to have come from Ndey. In addition, it has been confirmed that Ndey, whose husband Sarjo was a serving member of The Gambia Armed Forces is also said to have been removed from the Army a while ago.

Many at the Office of The President received Ndey’s dismissal as a welcome development saying that she reports to The President everything that happens in that office. She is also said to be in the habit of threatening young protocol officers at State House for communicating with outsiders. One of the girls told Fatu Radio that Ndey threaten them that President Jammeh was always aware of whoever they the protocol girls talk to on the phone. “This alone has been a sure way of controlling the girls who work at the protocol division and to be kept at bay from the public,” says one source. She is also said to be very selfish and receive all the gifts from The President telling the other staff that she will share later which never happened.

Like many Jammeh supporters, Ndey according to sources gossips a lot about the President, saying he is a womanizer and had once told her sister Jimbe to stop dishing out young girls to Jammeh, whose appetite for young virgin girls is overwhelming. An insider at The State house said Ndey has once confided in her that The First Lady is arrogant and she blames The President for marrying an arrogant non Gambian. Like Jammeh she also has the divide the rule attitude, telling staff to be careful of each other, thereby creating mistrust amongst them. “Ndey used to tell us that his late dad did everything for The President when he was a kid, adding that whatever Jammeh did for her and her siblings is well earned” a source said adding “Ndey always denied the young protocols drinking water from the office, and only gives to her sister Jimbe and the rest of the family.”

She is also said to have been complaining about her husband Sarjo, after his removal from the military, saying he is a ‘useless’ man who could not afford anything for his family. Ndey and her family live in ‘Yarambamba’ at a house given to them by The President. Before her sister Jimbe becomes the one who arranges young women for the dictator, Ndey was tasked with that role until Jammeh married Alima who was very closed to her. Jimbe now takes over escorting young girls to the dictator’s bedroom and dumping them once they got pregnant. Jammeh according to his young victims does not use condoms thereby getting them pregnant easily.