Hmm 🤔. Don’t think so. it could be a mirage. I remember OJ Garmeh Jallow being let go, NO crossroads! Tambajang Jallow, Same fate, NO crossroads! Super Interior Minister, Fatty, NO crossroads! Why are we then now scaring folks that Gambia will no longer develop because your corner got damp? Not trying to equate talents here but aren’t all coalition members created equal with the mighty #70Delegates? EXACTLY. True, the broom took some legends but hey, the former removed are legends in their own rights! We respect and salute them for standing tall when many cowered under some rocks! It’s POLITICS as one hot and cold dude laments on his “platform”, “in politics there are no permanent friends or foe but permanent interests”! I think that’s how he sings it! 😂. Anywho, separate the men/women from the posts especially public posts!!!!!

That being the case, let all dress their wounds in their comfy corners and not proverbially “pee” in the public pool!!! Remember the kid in the movie that peed in the pool and it turned different color? Blue to green? Whether it was a chemical that did it or the compounds of the urine changing the pool color, the boy and parents dashed out with guilt and shame! So, it’s very advisable to NOT pee in the pool to safe your face!:)

There is no need to run around looking for “fence sitters” to win over or call for others to resign just because the birthday boy unvited you to the cake cutting! Hey, at your rehearsal cake cutting you chose your favorites di! Let Others be and if they are cutting cake, not frown as they revel in the creamy portion of the cake! Bear in mind, the presumed fence may only be an imagination. Politics is a spectator sport to some hence, not participating doesn’t mean “spectators” favor one over the other. They may just be waiting for half time to pick team or not at all. It ain’t that serious for some. Let people be and do YOU!! The marbles you lose may be your own!:) It’s sometimes repulsive to see how an issue gets sectionalized, it’s sad actually in National discussion 😢. See the red white and blue as a uniting force and don’t further tatter our once unpatched social fabric! You’ll live to regret it after the dust settles!!!

Oh! Quit the guilt trips and fear mongering! The Gambia I see, is like the shark tasting blood! They believe in the strength of the teeth and speed to race to the source of food without miss. Removing Jamus with marbles empowered and will forever empower and embolden generations to come. #NeverAgain will my people take that for granted! Best believe! If anything, the biggest concern should be about anyone flamboyantly waltzing with what the majority fought against as in APRC. This however is sadly happening on both ends!!!

The bus driver may cross white line, in some areas the yellow line (pun intended) and get ticketed, but as long as the double yellow lines are unbothered, he may live to drive again! Crossing the double yellow line in this instance is the Gambian populace. They, at the end of the day, hold the final verdict with the beautiful shiny marbles!

God grant us the serenity to change the things we can, accept the ones we can’t and the wisdom to know the difference 🙏🏾❤