Information from security sources reaching The Fatu Radio news desk has alleged that The Gambian authorities have started monitoring the activities of Fatoumata Tambajang, President Jammeh’s former health minister who is now very vocal on issues affecting the country. Senior security operative who reached us said the situation has been occasioned by Mrs Tambajang’s active participation in efforts to restore sanity and internationally accepted norms in the country. Alarmed by the apparent rejuvenation of organization and seriousness Mrs Tambajang brought to the struggle, President Jammeh thus decided to put her under his radar. Like it is happening to all other opposition leaders and perceived enemies of the regime, Mrs Tambajang according to our sources is now placed under constant surveillance.

Just late Monday night, Fatu Radio News Desk received this message from one of our trusted sources: “Fatu I got this information about aunty Fatoumata Tambajang that a team is assigned to monitor her. She should watch her back and should particularly also be looking out for a white pickup truck following her. The team is to monitor her here in the Gambia please take this very serious,” the message ends

Fatoumata has been in The US for a little over three weeks, during which she had interviews with online radios in the diaspora. In all her interview, she never minced her words each time she referred to The Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. She has been leading voice calling on Gambians to work together to bring about the much needed change in The Gambia.

Mrs Tambajang has also promised to negotiate between members of the opposition in The Gambia to form a coalition. Many in the diaspora have called on her to form her own political party to take on Jammeh in the upcoming elections.

Fatoumata Tambajang visited to The US on the invitation of Coalition for Change and partners to attend the International Civil Society Forum on Gambia, held at the Marriott hotel in downtown New York. The forum brought together Gambian Opposition party leaders, policy experts and activists to work on creating a common framework to address challenges facing The Gambia. It also looked at protecting a common position on what role Gambians and the international community must play to promote peaceful democratic change. The event was held on October 1, 2015.