Gambian journalist Chief Ebrima Manneh disappeared 11 years ago after been arrested by agents of the former government.

The motive of his arrest and sudden disappearance is still unclear.

On July 7th 2006, Manneh was arrested by officers believed to be from the former dreaded National Intelligence Agency (NIA) in the premises of his former Daily Observer newspaper offices then in Bakau.

He was a senior journalist with The Daily Observer newspaper which supports the agenda of Ex-President Jammeh and his government.

The NIA was the most deadly secret agency of under former President Yahya Jammeh’s government. They were only known for arbitrary arrest, illegal detention, torturing and killing under the command of former Dictator Jammeh.

Chief Manneh’s fate was unknown which caused great pain to his family.  Its only in 2017, eleven years after his disappearance that his family learned that he had died.

Since his disappearance, international human rights NGOs and media institutions and organisations around the world have been campaigning for his release.

Meanwhile, his family continues to call for justice by bring to book those responsible for his killing.