The Fatu Network has stumbled on a rather disturbing plan being hatched by Dictator Yahya Jammeh against the Gambian opposition. The outline of what looks like a rather carefully thought-out plan appears so scary that The Fatu Network had to apply maximum editorial judgement before we decided to publish this story. In fact for four days we have been sitting on this story to specifically verify everything before we could come with it. At least three different sources have alluded to the existence of the plan.

It all began after the ill-fated ruling party congress in Kanilai….the birth village of Dictator Yahya Jammeh. Unknown to many delegates was that a long list of prominent people in the Gambia mainly supporters of the opposition parties and their families has been compiled by a select few from the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and submitted to the dictator for what our reliable source called “a plan to tame specific members of the opposition.”



One of our credible sources who has seen this list of more than 600 names spread across the different parts of the Gambia said majority of the people belong to opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) and the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).



The plan has three different operational strategies: Plan A: is to target the prominent opposition supporters with inducement of job offers and even lavish cash spending on them. If this could not yield fruit, then the architects have recommended what it terms under Plan B: as a strategy to suffocate the opposition of the much needed space to conduct their rallies and activities. These plans include denying the opposition permits to hold rallies; unexplained disappearances; arrests and long detentions; identifying and singling out their bread winners for dismissal from their jobs and also denying them opportunities to make it impossible for them to focus on supporting the opposition.



But the scary bit falls under Plan C…..which the architects code named the operation as “The Black Cat.” Under this plan, over 300 people have been identified across the country among them UDP leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, PPP leader OJ Jallow, NRP leader Hamat Bah, PDOIS leader Halifa Sallah and several youth leaders of both the UDP and PPP as well as newly cross carpeted youths from the ruling party to the UDP. All of their names have been circled in a red ink.

At least six prominent names of diaspora opposition party activists from both the UDP and PPP have also been listed and their family addresses already identified and circled in red ink as “potentials.”



The Plan C talks about abductions of the prominent party members, arrest and court charges including inciting violence so that they would be denied bail. But the epic of the operation is what the architects called “silence the parrot” which include extreme use of force and violence against defenceless civilians.

Under this plan, residential addresses of the targets have been identified, all escape routes marked “Gates closed” and the number of security men to be tasked to be conducting the operation mapped. For example for both UDP and PPP leaders’, the architects have suggested that not less than 30 heavily armed men should storm their residences with tear gas ganisters. The attackers should also use a specially designed balaclavas (hoods) to hide their identity.



Our source is currently working hard to send us the full list of what he calls “Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s genocidal plans against innocent Gambians.” Our source said he is worried about this plan because most of the people and families are mainly Mandingka whose only crime is to support the UDP.



Indeed just last week the UDP leader at a mass rally held in Talinding informed his supporters that the Party is told of sinister plans being hatched against the opposition. Although Lawyer Darboe fell short of naming the particular sinister plan, he however warned that the “evil plans designed and hatched in Kanilai are known and that his party will not allow itself to be intimidated.” Darboe further warned: “we will not incite violence but whoever wants to bring violence to us, even if you are aided by satan, you will meet us half way. The UDP will not give-in to intimidation and we shall continue with our politics whether Yahya Jammeh likes or not.”

It is not clear whether the UDP leader was also referring to this same sinister plan that The Fatu Network stumbled on. But whatever the case, it seems the dictator is up to no good.



The Fatu Network is keenly following this story and we will continue to update our audience with the full list when it is made available to us.