Sources within the corridors of The State House in Banjul, have informed The Fatu Network about a rather worried dictator Jammeh who for the past few days has been showing signs of unease to the point that even his closest aids are refused access to him.



In the same vein, cabinet ministers, foreign diplomats and other senior government officials have been on the waiting list for a while to have audience with the dictator on urgent state matters without success.

One credible source has told The Fatu Network that the dictator is so jittery about what he calls ‘Signs of security concerns’ that Jammeh avoids handshakes with his security details and other close aids. He said the dictator for some strange reasons, has now taken some extra precautionary measures where he remains in his car now longer than usual anytime they reach their destination.



The source stated that in the past anytime Jammeh arrives at a venue he will quickly descend from his car, but now according to our credible source, the dictator takes more than five minutes to come out from his car. In addition he said plain clothes officials of the dictator’s militia are also always now seen combing areas of target in the vicinity where the dictator is before he comes out of his car.

In addition, our source has said that the dictator is now accompanied by a larger than usual convoy with all kinds of military equipment wherever he goes. He has also increased the number of check points from Denton bridge to the state house area in addition to increased night patrols by heavily armed soldiers. The dictator is also said to have reduced his habitual long discussions on telephone.



Meanwhile, inside the dictator’s own backyard, Gambians particularly women are getting more and more agitated thanks to the unending economic problems in the country.

Just yesterday, March 8, 2016, two young women based in Banjul openly phoned The Fatu Network’s popular Today Show where they challenged the dictator to resign or face the wrought of a rather fed up populace. The two callers are part of a chorus of young people who are mobilizing themselves for an eventual showdown with dictator Jammeh and his government.

For far too long, young Gambians were being used, misused and then micromanaged by the dictatorship in The Gambia. But now it seems many young people have woken up from their slumber and that in itself is a huge headache for the dictator.



The Fatu Network will continue to provide its platform for increased advocacy to provide the young people not only with the right information, but to also expose the excesses, brutality, corruption, and mismanagement of The Gambia’s resources by dictator Jammeh and his government.