Moses BJ Ritchards, Defence Counsel for Sheikh Omar Jeng, 3rd accused person in the ex-NIA 9 ongoing murder trial has said if anyone is to be accused over the death of late Solo Sandeng, it should be the first prosecution witness Dawda Ndure.


Ritchards made the submission on Tuesday as he was wrapping up the Defense team’s cross-examination of the first prosecution witness Dawda Ndure who concluded his witness testimony on Monday.


“I say so because you are the only one who was cautioned to be charged and charges were dropped against you in other for you to come and incriminate these innocent individuals” Ritchards told him.


He then put it to first prosecution witness Dawda Ndure that he was emotional when he found Solo Sandeng lying down on the mattress because of the brutal things he did to him earlier.


Ndure however, denied doing anything brutal to late Solo Sandeng.


During his evidence in chief, Ndure narrated a shocking story of what he witnessed on the day late Solo Sandeng died and the burial the same night. He said Solo Sandeng was buried with the bed sheet together with the mattress he was lying down, adding Tamba Mansary, Babucarr Sallah, Sheikh Omar Jeng and others boys buried the body of Solo Sandeng at the NIA Tanji Training School.


Meanwhile, S. Kenney from the Legal Aid and Defense Counsel for Baboucarr Sallah (4th accused person), Yusupha Jammeh (5th accused person), Tamba Mansary (7th accused person) and Lamin Darboe (8th accused person) also put the first prosecution witness Dawda Ndure to a heated cross-examination.


However, Ndure maintained that Sheikh Omar Jeng told him that the vehicle was going to drop him home but he later realize that the vehicle would first stop in Tanji. He said he finally dropped him at home after going to Tanji.


He insisted that he witnessed the burial of late Solo Sandeng but not under his wish because the vehicle carried him to the place. He said he had no option at the time to go home because it was already late adding that late Solo Sandeng was buried around 05:00am.


Defense Counsel Kennedy further put it to the prosecution witness that Tamba Mansary (7th accused person) is an Assistant Detective Inspector and been his senior by rank cannot bring anybody to his (Ndure) office.