Gambian Issues October 3, 2016


Striking Teachers ‘Threatened’ With Termination, VP Darboe Clarifies

By Omar WallyGambia's Vice President, Ousainou Darboe has shed light on threats issued towards Teachers for Change, a pressure group that looks into the plight of teachers.Currently...

UDP CONGRESS: Darboe Clarifies Changes to Party’s Constitution

Ousainou Darboe clarifies that disqualification of UDP members who work as public servants is consistent with laid down government rules and regulations.

Parents accompanying their children from school after reports of child abductions in The Gambia


Fatu’s Take On The Gambia & Senegal Border Closure


Kuta Turtle Jadama

[youtube] Meet Turtle Jadama, one of dictator Jammeh's supporters.

What The People Say About President Barrow’s Pledge To Build 60 Mosques

President Barrow’s announcement that he will build sixty mosques through his youth movement has triggered a debate. Many argue that there are other immediate needs that should be...

Nigerian artist Mimi Orjiekwe and Gambian despot and national coffer

[youtube] The Gambian ruler has been splashing Gambian coffer on Nigerian artists and a common trend as Mimi Orjiekwe shows here.

Zineb ready to rob Gambians


Proceedings today in court, June 27, 2016

[youtube] The state has rest their case today in Lawyer Darboe and 19 others case. They brought in a police witness used in the past to testify...

Yahya Jammeh training his recruited henchmen and killers.

[youtube] The Gambian leader created a death squad also documented by UN human rights watch and uses them to kill and suppress Gambians to cling to power.

Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh meeting in TANJI.

[youtube] Yahya Jammeh and his subdued Gambians.

Let us all vote massively for Adama Barrow


Former Governor of Central Bank of The Gambia, has dismissed claims by ‘Janneh

Former Governor of Central Bank of The Gambia, has dismissed claims by ‘Janneh Commission’ that he was a close associate of ex-president Jammeh. Colley said he however...