The Gambia withdraws from The ICC


April 18, 2016 #TheGambiaRising Lets end dictatorship NOW

[youtube] Gambia Rise up and lets end dictatorship

Fatu’s Take On Gambia’s 2016 Elections


Kuta Turtle Jadama

[youtube] Meet Turtle Jadama, one of dictator Jammeh's supporters.

#Jammeh calls on Muslims to fear Almighty Allah and to refrain from evil actions...


Gambia opposition party leaders protesting peacefully.

[youtube] UDP opposition leaders peacefully protesting against the arrest torture and allegedly murder of peaceful protesters. This noble action led to their arrest and unlawful detention.

News Review 9th August 2018

Gambian President responds to White House Press Statement on LGBT and human rights violations


Kololi Residents Prevent Armed Robbery Attempt (Video)  

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