M. Sarjo Jallow, Gambia’s former Ambassador to Ethiopia has gone missing for almost two weeks after he traveled to the Gambia on the invitation of dictator Yahya Jammeh, President of The Gambia. Jallow was with his family in Sweden when the first news broke that a house he rented which belongs to the country’s Vice President, Dr. Isatou Njie Saidy was broken into and his valuables stolen from the property.


Shortly after that news broke, Sarjo started long phone conversations with one Abdoulie Njie, a brother to Vice President Njie Saidy and one Baboucarr Puye Jobarteh, a protocol officer who also worked with Jallow in Ethiopia. Few days after the phone calls, it was said that dictator Jammeh sent an air ticket for Jallow to travel to The Gambia where he was said to have been offered a job by him.


According to Jainaba Bah, wife of Sarjo Jallow in an interview on The Fatu Network, she was there when the phone calls with Njie and Jobarteh took place. She recalled talking to Njie who sympathized with her on the loss of her grandmother.


Jainaba disclosed that she was communicating with her husband all through his travel time and when he arrived in The Gambia after which his house was again broken into and his valuables including his documents and personal lap top were stolen allegedly by the state. At that point she explained that she became suspicious and advised her husband to leave the house and to not spend the night over there. Jallow she said wasn’t afraid about the situation and he mentioned to her that he has no reason to be worried because he did nothing wrong.


On reports that Jallow was offered a job as deputy foreign minister at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jainaba said her husband mentioned that to her but added that he declined the offer based on his plans to retire after serving his country for over a decade. Her last conversation with Jallow she said was on a Thursday, a day before his disappearance.


Until now, nobody knows where M. Sarjo Jallow is but what is clear is the fact that his disappearance has everything to do with the Gambia government. Arrangements for his trip was made by Abdoulie Njie and Baboucarr Puye Jobarteh and his ticket was bought by dictator Yahya Jammeh. He was also renting at one of the houses belonging to The Vice President of the country which makes people wonder who will break into such a property which is also said to be housing some members of The Gambia Armed Forces. Both the Vice President’s daughter and her driver are said to have some kinda knowledge about what happened to Jallow.


Meanwhile both his wives, Jainaba Bah and Mammy Ngum have told The Fatu Network that they are working with security forces in The Gambia and international organizations for the safe return of their loved one.