It was a day of desperation for the family of Colonel Solo Bojang last week when they gathered at the gate of the State Central Prison, Mile II hoping to give a big hug of welcome out of the prison. But much to their disappointment, the welcoming team which included his wife, children and other closed family members were told that Col Bojang would not be released at least on that day.


The prison officials were said to have informed the family that they were still waiting for Executive
Orders from the Office of the President before Col Bojang could be released from custody.

A credible source closed to the Colonel’s family informed The Fatu Network that few hours after their prison visit, an Executive Order from the Office of the President had directed that Col Bojang should be placed under additional two more years protective state custody.


It could be recalled that Col Bojang had been facing a series of court charges relating to economic crimes, stealing by public officer and giving false information to a public officer. Even by the standard of Gambia’s highly manipulative and compromised justice system, Col Bojang was acquitted and discharged of most of the charges because the state could not just prove its bogus charges. And even on the charge that he was found guilty on, his family managed to pay the fine on the spot only to be rearrested in the court premises by personnel of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and whisked away to Mile 2 prisons where he was slammed with a one year protective state incarceration which ended just last week.

But as it is, it seems Col Bojang is not going to gain his freedom anytime soon. Dictator Jammeh has firmly ordered that the Col be placed under additional two more years protective state custody.


A member of his family who spoke to The Fatu Network under a condition of anonymity, said they are now afraid that Col Bojang may not come out alive from the prisons. He said: “Fatu this is what they did to Baba Jobe, a former Majority Leader of Parliament and one time ally of President Jammeh. The day he was to be released to his family was the day he was killed on his hospital bed by soldiers from the State House.”


Indeed Col Bojang was a closed confidant of Dictator Jammeh and used to run his numerous errands including the witch cleansing exercise which the Dictator embarked following the death of his aunt whom he said was eaten by witches. Col Bojang was also responsible for some of the Dictator’s businesses handled by the Kanilai Family Farms Ltd.