By any standards, APRC regime is collapsing under its own weight of blackmail, bickering, back-stabbing, destructive political infighting, self-inflicted blows, unprecedented betrayals, provocations, dishonestly among themselves, tribal discrimination, personal enrichment and their virtual experts in distracting fellow citizens with tales of sideshows of false charges. All of this means or clearly illustrates —this regime does not need an additional day or let alone five more years of hell for the Gambians to get its house in order. APRC and Its leader are great at throwing easily digestible buzz phrase or stigmas on opponents such as tribalist, slogan such as “four hundred years of nothing”, exploiting personal struggles of people, stirring feud for political crucifixion to help themselves emerged unscathed and burnished their political reputation among the unsuspecting masses. it’s hard to fathom all of their dirty strategies but now, all are recognizable as a divide and rule strategy to maintain power.



Having lost the economic prosperity arguments and security of the citizen’s arguments, every rare opportunity for the regime to turn for a better page, being transparent with citizens or providing proof of compliance, we get the usual bandwagon complaints of “those problems” are declared unfounded or party label excuses to distract Gambians. It’s so bad that the president bores everyone to tears. It may sound amusing to men in the “bubble” around him who shower him with false praises, but the reality Gambians have to deal with is no laughing matter. You cannot have a meaningful discussion about Gambia’s problems with the regime without getting sucked into this petty pissing contest of uncivil rhetoric by their army of Facebook bloggers, classless talking heads, and partisan strategists whom assume diplomatic positions. However, the political scene of Gambia has indeed changed with the rising awareness among citizens by the online media and social forums.



To make matters worse, Yahya Jammeh always reactions on everything on “hear say” without reflecting on consequences thereafter. He is pretty good at making sure some innocent citizens and feared political opponents such as UDP- whom he perceives as greatest threats to unseat him, inescapable of his terror in act of retaliation— because he must be loved by everyone. His profound abuse and unspeakable cruelty against Gambians so far is beyond human norms. This fear of his cruelty have penetrated our society such that mistrust and suspicion has contributed to nitpicking everything. Mr. X will come up with enlightened policies of moving us forward, then Mr. Y comes slams Mr. X base on unfounded suspicion or about his lineage, then Mrs. Z comes along to urge boycotting everything about Mr. “Y” for Mr. X merely complains. Behind the senses, Mrs. Z calls Mr. Y to soften her stance. When the feud appears to be reaching an end, then comes along Mr. “A” with speeches full of jargon no one understands — complaining of Mr. inadequacy because he still confuses “Their” with “There” or “He” with “She”. Unsurprisingly, the wolves among ourselves are getting things done thereby making off with all the chickens.


On a sad note, recent series of interviews given by former inmates to Gambian online radio’s as well as correspondence of human rights advocates- concerning conditions of colonial prison facilities still used by APRC regime. All accounts describe the extraordinary horrible conditions in terms of barbaric unnecessary treatment of prisoners at the hands of guards, overcrowding, foul place, insanitary toilet of the mile two and other prisons in the Gambia all share many similar characteristics. Prison leadership officials ensure political prisoners of all levels receive harshest horrific treatments adequately prevent political prisoners from getting standard or basic treatment in virtually every respect. Also, former inmates accounts, eyewitnesses including several prison guards, whom have reported attacks by savage gang of henchmen acting on directives from executive branch. These includes fierce beating of prisoners, poisoning, instigating provocations and killing of prisoners whom has incrementing evidence against regime.



With so grievances at hand, It’s simultaneously impossible for regime to heal Gambians memories of injustice wounds, which are still fresh in our minds. In fact, Yaya Jammeh does not see any worthwhile initiative to heal Gambians from his misrule, but he is more bitter and still working on enriching himself by any means necessary hoping for anything to hold him on power. it is very disheartening to see the hard work Gambians reduced to nothing or disgrace citizens on his own will. These developments with other blunders, shed light how Yaya Jammeh is not fit to lead Gambia and demonstrate vividly —the need for someone else with enlightened policies, more human decency and accountability to the Gambian people. We all stand in solidarity with Lawyer Darboe along with those jailed after the events of April 14th and 16th.
By habib ( A Concerned Gambian)