Monday, July 22, 2024

“We Will Not Be Terrorized,” says Almameh Gibba

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By Alieu Jallow

Almameh Gibba, National Assembly Member for Foni Kansala, stated that they will not be terrorized. He made these comments in an exclusive interview with the Fatu Network ahead of the much-anticipated debate on the Women Amendment Bill 2024, which he is championing. “Whatever it takes, we will not be terrorized.”

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On Monday, July 8th, the National Assembly will table the Women Amendment Bill for the third time after it was referred to the ABC Committee of the Assembly. The Women Amendment Bill 2024 survived a significant challenge after parliamentarians voted for its second reading, which led to dialogue, consultation, and the development of a subsequent report.

Almameh Gibba emphasized that they are ready for another battle of ideas, citing section 32 of the 1997 Constitution, section 25 c1, and section 4, which he stressed cover all the other provisions he referenced.

“So, we are relying on the Constitution, our religious beliefs, and our traditional aspects, which we have the right to, and we are backed by the Constitution. We wait. I do not want to pre-empt the report; I want to lay my eyes on it. Monday’s session will be explosive, and we will hit them hard to inform and re-educate them that they can’t mess with 75% – 80% of Gambians on what they believe,” he stressed.

The champion of the much-debated bill noted that even if the report is not in favor of the Bill, Gambians are in favor, underscoring the citizens’ power in choosing what’s best for them.

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“As a Parliament, you were made to be a Parliament by Gambians. As a President, you were made to be a President by Gambians. If the report doesn’t favor the Bill, who cares about the report? We are talking about the citizens,” he said.

Gibba asserted that they will be able to regulate the time and stop the clock at the appropriate moment in the interest of Gambians, not foreign bodies or organizations.

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