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War on illicit drugs: 21 suspects in DLEAG’s net over possession of drugs

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Ousman Saidybah, public relations officer and head of the Drug Demand Unit at the Drug Law Enforcement Agency of the Gambia (DLEAG), has confirmed with The Fatu Network the arrest of 21 suspects in possession of drugs in Foni Bintang on 10th February 2023.

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According to the agency, the arrest was made with backup support from the Police Intervention Unit.

Saidybah described the seizure made as significant which comprises cannabis sativa, cannabis seeds, and hashish among others at Kamosorr and Jakin villages in Foni Bintang, West Coast Region.

“The operation led to the apprehension of eighteen (18) adult males and three (3) female Gambians. The operatives also recovered 516 bundles of cannabis sativa, 208 cultivated cannabis plants, one big bunch of harvested cannabis plants, 88 bags filled with cannabis sativa, four (4) twenty-liter gallons filled with cannabis sativa, another four (4) twenty-liter gallons filled with cannabis seeds, one (1) one point five (1.5) liter filled with cannabis sativa, three (3) bags containing seeds of cannabis and two (2) big stones of cannabis resin (Hashish),” Ousman Saidybah explained.

All the suspects are currently in custody while operatives further probe into the matter, the agency said.

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“The seizures highlight the daunting challenges anti-narcotic agencies face in their quest to abate drugs and related activities.

It also shows the adamance of illicit drug traffickers and their associates to fill our streets and communities with their illicit products despite being aware of the harm they cause on people and the danger they pose to society,” he added.

Saidybah stated that there is a need for people to work collectively with the agency in combating the distribution, sale, and use of illicit drugs in the country.

“We call on residents, particularly those living around the border areas to remain vigilant and report suspicious activities to law enforcement operatives.

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In doing so, we will help keep ourselves, our families, and societies healthy, safe, and drug-free,” he noted.

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