Monday, June 17, 2024

US Gov’t officials harassed by security agents

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Security sources have informed The Fatu Network about a diplomatic incident that happened few days ago involving US Government officials and security agents from both The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF).

According to sources, security agents complained about the presence of US government officials in the country who are said to have traveled to Banjul recently on a mission. The agents wanted to know why they are in the country and what their mission is. The officials were said to have been approached at The Coco Ocean Resort and Spa by NIA agents who insisted on knowing why they are in the country,

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Officials at the state department were said to have intervened and explained to Gambia Government officials that  the US officials are in the country to work with The US Embassy and that their presence do not have anything to do with the current political situation in the country. ‘The Embassy was almost closed, because The US is not ready to accept Jammeh’s nonsense anymore’ a security source told The Fatu Network

Meanwhile, the said officials are said to have vacated The Coco Ocean and are currently in two different locations within the greater Banjul area. Out going President Jammeh’s insecurity according to a source almost got The US Embassy in Banjul closed.

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