Monday, July 22, 2024

‘More unlawfully detained prisoners still languish behind bars’ – Police

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Gambia’s police have confirmed that a good number of people unlawfully imprisoned by the former regime are still languishing behind the prison walls waiting to be release despite the number that have already been released.

President Barrow has since declared the release of prisoners that were unlawfully detained without being taken to a competent court of law by the former regime of Yahya Jammeh.

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“Many people are released but still some are not because it has to take procedures to get them release,” Police Spokesperson Foday Conta said.

The Police spokesperson said that significant numbers of unlawful detainees were released but could not confirm the exact figure saying he was not with the exact figure at the time.

Conta said the declaration made by the new government to release those unlawfully detained is a gradual process, saying the releasing has to take one after another.

“There are people coming to find their missing families on a daily basis especially the first time the declaration was made,” he pointed out.

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Answering to a question regarding the rumored arrest of Yankuba Badjie, former NIA Director who was fired a week ago, PRO Conta said it was not to his knowledge.

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