Friday, September 29, 2023

UK’s Illegal Migration Bill: The Gambia Classified As ‘Safe Country’

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As the United Kingdom implements its Illegal Migration Bill, concerns have been raised about the decision to classify The Gambia as a “safe country.”

The UK government’s new Illegal Migration Bill has been criticized for its harsh measures towards refugees who arrive in small boats. Among the measures is the deportation of Gambian migrants who are considered to be from “safe countries.” This decision has caused concern among refugee advocates who fear that Gambians who are fleeing economic hardship will be forced to return to their home country without proper consideration of their individual circumstances.

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Gambians have been seeking asylum in the UK due to political instability and persecution, particularly against those who criticise the government or express political dissent.

Following the fall of the Jammeh regime and the transition to democracy under President Adama Barrow, The Gambia has been regarded as a secure and stable country. The new government has taken significant steps to establish the rule of law, protect human rights, and promote democratic governance. The country has seen an increase in freedom of speech, press freedom, and civil society participation, which has created an environment that is conducive to the well-being of its citizens and visitors alike.

As a result, the UK government has classified The Gambia as a “safe country” for asylum seekers, meaning that those who come from The Gambia may not face the same level of risk and persecution as those from other countries. While this classification is not without controversy, it is clear that The Gambia has made significant strides towards political stability and socioeconomic progress in recent years.

It is crucial for the UK government to recognize that every asylum seeker’s case is unique and should be evaluated on its own merits. By categorizing entire countries as safe or unsafe, vulnerable individuals are at risk of being stigmatized and dehumanized based on their country of origin, which only perpetuates harmful stereotypes and reinforces discriminatory policies.

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