In pursuit of advancing the agenda of United Democratic Party (UDP), UDP UK Chapter organised it’s second congress and fundraising event in UK’s third largest city, Manchester on Saturday, 5th of October 2019. This is a clear consolidation of the significant achievements gained from the first ever congress and fundraising that took place in Crawley and Birmingham in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The event couldn’t have attained tremendous success without great teamwork as exemplified by months of intensive preparations leading to the event. Members of the outgone interim executive under the leadership of former deputy chair, Suntu Daffeh and Manchester branch, headed by Musa Jammeh; now Secretary General of the new Executive Committee worked tirelessly together to secure the logistics vital to the smooth organisation of the event.

We were particularly pleased and grateful to the Secretary General and Leader of United Democratic Party, Alhaji Ousainou A.N.M. Darboe and other dignitaries for beautifully gracing the occasion with us. Equally, we would like to thank everyone for the impressive turnout at the fundraising and Congress.

Following a comprehensive and satisfactory accounting and auditing of the incomes and expenditures of the fundraisings and congress held in Manchester, 2019 by our Treasury and Audit Teams respectively, I wish to submit the summarised financial statement covering the twelve months from 1st September 2018 to 31st October 2019 in line with fundamental values of transparency, accountability and probity. The report is for the attention of the entire UDP members, sympathisers and general public at large.

Thus, we can confirm that the details of the incomes include ticket sales, ‘Ashobis,” printed T-Shirts and donations from patrons less the expenses incurred, resulting to the net profit as stated below.

Income & Expenses


Total Revenue Total Expenses Net Surplus/Profit

£ 19,759.47 (£ 12,550.29) £ 7,209.18



UDP UK page2image35717536CHAPTER

Pledges made before CongressTotal amount pledged £3,559.24.

Amount received £3,559.24 Outstanding balance £0

Pledges made during CongressTotal Amount Pledged £28,250.00

Amount paid or received £1,180.00Outstanding balance £27,070.00 Email:

Account of Pledges:


As shown above, the turnover is significant and would go in great strides in revamping the financial base of our Chapter. It is pleasing to note that out of £28, 250 pledged, £1,180.00 have already been received two months after the event. On this note, I wish to seize this opportunity to express our profound thanks and appreciation to those who have fully paid or begun the process of paying their pledges in phases. I hope the rest of us will in time honour our pledges to ensure the outstanding balance of £27,070.00 is paid before the end of April 2020, which will mark the expiry of the six months grace period given for all pledges to be paid.

That said, this resounding financial achievement couldn’t have been made without the generous donations from our distinguished invited guests. We wish to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to each and every one of them for their immense contributions and attendance. They have demonstrated the true value of love and support UDP members across the globe do share in good common. In the same token, our appreciation goes to Chairman of UDP Diaspora wing and his team, all of our sister chapters for their unflinching moral and financial support. Similar thanks go to all of the invited cultural groups, our griots and the DJ for keeping us entertained throughout the night. Alabaraka!! Jeregenjeff!!

We also appreciate that the event was widely watched by thousands of people thanks to the excellent media coverage provided by social media platforms, notably Mengbe Kering TV, UDP Online Bantaba and UDP TV & Media. In this regard, we wish to thank all of them for their enduring support and coverage throughout the event. In line with the outreach policy of UDP to engage private media, invitation was extended to Fatu Network and Kerr Fatou but both couldn’t cover it due to unavoidable circumstances. Nonetheless, we hope they will do so in our future events for wider publicity.

In summing up, it has been a monumental success and on behalf of the Executive Committee of the UDP UK Chapter, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the leadership of UDP National Executive, members of former and present Executive Committee of UDP UK Chapter, all local UDP UK branches and entire membership of the UDP UK Chapter for their support. With our collective desires, determination, am confident that UDP will have a landslide victory in the next general elections to form Government in The Gambia. The key to that lies in our unity, ability to attract new members and diligently sensitise Gambians about the party’s manifesto and development plans geared towards augmenting living standards of our people.

Long live UDP and Republic of The Gambia. Lamin Conateh
Chairman of UDP UK Chapter