Sunday, July 21, 2024

UDP protesters demand IGP to swiftly investigate, prosecute officials engage in corruption

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Hundreds of young people from the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) youth wing took to the street earlier today demanding the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to swiftly investigate and prosecute officials engaged in corruption while displaying banners that read “corruption kill” among others.

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The protesters believed the government is ignoring corruption scandals involving top dignitaries. “No to corruption, where are the missing millions from the ministry of health, securiport scandal, where are the D155 million mutilated notes from the central bank” were among many other issues raised by the pressure group.

“The message is clear and is an anti-corruption message. We have seen multiple reports of alleged corruption in the Gambian media and documented by the Auditor General,” Momodou Sabally said, adding that corruption allegations from the state house and the office of the first lady, national security account are “all ignored.”

“The corruption from the health ministry regarding life-saving funds committed to coronavirus more than one hundred million dalasis. The seating youth minister admitted to engaging in corruption,” he told journalists.

The UDP campaign manager commended the party youth wing for protesting against corruption, which he noted is hindering the country from development.

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“The investigation report of the Central Bank mutilated notes is still on president Barrow’s desk, and he is not willing to act,” Ya Kumba Jaiteh asserted.

The youth group led by prominent supporters and the executive of the United Democratic Party accused the IGP of biased investigation of cases.

They were chanting in common voices expressing their declassification in the manner the government is handling corruption matters in the country.

“The government officials are thieves. They are stealing millions of taxpayers’ money. We want our monies back,” Habib ML Ceesay new Jeshwang Ebo-town ward councillor claimed. More than dozens of protesters said the government is not willing to prosecute officials that are involved in corruption.

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