Monday, July 22, 2024

Travellers kept at Tropical Garden complain of condition of facility as one declares ‘I will go home’

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By Lamin Njie

Gambians and non-Gambians sent to Tropical Garden Hotel following their arrival into the country have frowned at the condition of their rooms.

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Tropical Garden Hotel is one of the facilities the government arranged for quarantine for people arriving in the country.

‘About 60’ passengers that arrived through an SN Brussels flight on Monday were sent to Tropical Garden Hotel in Fajara for a 14-day quarantine.

A number of them are however not happy and have told The Fatu Network there’s nothing in their rooms to make their stay in the hotel comfortable.

Quarantined Ousainou Sheikh Cham said: “My child was sick and I was in Germany since January. When I got to the airport, I told them my child has a problem, that the child eats only milk.

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“They said I will be here for two weeks and my child’s food will finish in a week. I told them I will not be here for two weeks when my child’s food would finish in one week.

“Since day before yesterday, they have not given the child anything to eat, they didn’t give the child anything.

“Buba Manjang came here and said I should wait for Dr to come and Dr came and said I should wait for Manjang to come. The child is here sitting and still he has nothing to eat. I told them if I sit until evening and they do not help me, I will try and go home.”

Gamou Gaye, on his part, said: “We were taken from the airport and taken to various hotels. Since we came here, all what we have been told we have not seen anything. The food is a little bit better but the problem is the houses. They took out the frigdes, they took out the TVs, they took out everything before our arrival.

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“We were being given each a single gallon of water since we came here. It was when we started making it an issue was when they started bringing water.”

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