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“This will be the last time you come late to my court or else…” – Judge warns prosecution in murder trial 

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By: Ousman Saidykhan

A High Court Judge has made a threat to the prosecution that they will see their case struck out if they appear late in her court again, in a murder trial involving one Kumba Sinyan, a Bakau native.

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“This will be the last time you come late to my Court or else, I will strike out your case,” Justice Sidi K Jobarteh warns the prosecution.

The prosecution arrived in Justice Jobarteh’s court on Friday 18th of November 2022 for the continuation of cross-examination of the first witness, Deputy Superintendent Foday Conta, at about 11 minutes late in a hearing that was supposed to start at 10:00am sharp.

The prosecution apologized but said they were late because they thought the case was starting at 11am.

The defense counsel, S Twum had already finished her submission as at the arrival of the prosecution and their witness. She was given her submission on why the accused should be discharged over what she believed was the State’s unreadiness to prosecute her client.

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“My lady, this is disrespectful to the court,” defense counsel said, asking the court to discharge the accused or admit her on bail.

Meanwhile, after the Judge’s warning, the cross-examination continued where the witness was asked how he came to know of the alleged murder incident. He replied that he was called by one of his juniors, sub-inspector Banja.
He was also asked whether the body he said he found in Room 111, in a pool of blood was lifeless at the time he saw it or not. He replied that he could not tell at the time.

The defense counsel also asked the witness whether the receptionist, who volunteered to say he knew who killed Lama, was the one who led them to the accused’s house. He answered “yes.”
The defense counsel put it to the witness that he acted illegally for not telling the accused what the arrest was about; and that it was unlawful for the police to take the accused’s phone to go through it.

The police witness replied that one of the reasons he told the accused she would be told what happened at the police station was because the accused was nervous. On the issue of the phone, he replied that the accused voluntarily gave him the phone.

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The witness was asked why they didn’t go straight to the police station after the arrest of the accuse, but instead went first to the hotel. “We went to the hotel to confront the suspect with the body,” the Deputy Superintendent replied.

“It was unlawful to take her to the hotel and confront her with the body, traumatize her,” the defense counsel said.

The matter was adjourned to Monday, 5th of December 2022.

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