Sunday, June 23, 2024

The West Africa Social Media Award Committee Unveils 2024 Award Categories

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The West Africa Social Media Award (WASMA) organizing committee has unveiled eleven award categories for the first-ever 2024 award ceremony to be held in Holland on 11th May 2024.

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Ali Wally, Secretary-General of the award committee, described social media as a key component in the socioeconomic development of every nation.

Despite its significant contributions to enhancing people’s lives, Ali believes that this important platform is being neglected.

“We have eleven categories (11), and the ceremony will be held in Holland on 11th May.

Five countries, namely Sierra Leone, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, and Liberia, will have competitors for the said categories.

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Awardees will include Best Blogger, Best Online TV, Media Personality, Best Tic-Toker, and Entrepreneur,” he revealed.

Alhagie Yusupha Camara, a Sierra Leonean citizen residing in Germany and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WASMA, said this is the first time such an award is taking place, attracting participants from five different West African countries.

For his part, Basamaba Drammeh, Director of Communications for WASMA, also outlined key initiatives for the award.

Mr. Drammeh said the concept is to motivate social media influencers to continue using their platforms to promote content from Africa.

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Theme: Motivating Social Media Influencers for Sustainable Development.

“Eleven individuals will be awarded for their contributions on social media.

They will also share experiences and motivate others.

To create a network of collaboration and will be hosted in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia, Nigeria, Ghana on 11th May 2024.

This will be a national competition for the different categories,” he explained.

Mr. Drammeh told reporters that competitors will be selected by their respective countries.

Responding to questions about why the award will be held in Holland, Mr. Camara said, “There are so many Africans that died on the back way, and we are trying to help the black people who are living abroad. This is an opportunity to host the event there, and Holland is the center.

The people selected for each country will travel to Holland to take part in the award.”

Three participants will be selected for each category, according to the Award Secretary-General, Ali Wally.

People can be nominated by institutions and individuals, and nomination forms will be shared soon, Basamba Drammeh said.

According to the CEO, nominees will be responsible for their travel expenses while the accommodation will be provided by the organization.

“This was just for Sierra Leone previously, so I think it will be grateful to have Gambia in this award too,” Camara added.

He also revealed that the award will also be used to inspire others to work together and believe that they can make it in their lives using the social media events they don’t have the chance to travel abroad.

“We will continue working with the awardees for future projects,” said the award CEO Mr. Camara.

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