Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Stomach-churning cruelty of Nigerian Mercenary Judges

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Nigerian mercenary judges just got rewarded for throwing much needed life line of extending Yahya Jammeh’s misrule with ten brand new executive cars and a brand new complex for their accommodation. Most people with an ounce of decency when confronted with their own record bias or their cruelty, will show remorse and regret. Hence, we expect decent human beings with empathy to privately react with a mixture of disgust and rage thereafter in life, and desire to see justice done. Not for the Nigerian mercenary judges who do not comprehend the heinousness of their crimes against the Gambian citizens daily and are proudly showing off to Yahya Jammeh how every precious dollar dished out to them are well spent.

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They are out there, mocking frightened Gambians by displaying their gifts thereafter with facial and hand gestures in your face type of a thing whether we like it or not without any remorse, thereby manifesting their lack of appropriate judicial restraint. They are thumping their chest out with bravely, thus giving the middle finger to those who are still suffering from stomach-churning horrors, despair, loss of hope in our criminal justice system, as a result of trying to digest their flawed reasoning— to jail our elderly citizens and tortured women without mercy for 3 years with hard labor just for protesting injustice. In a similar vein, we should keep in mind that these heartless Nigerians judges colonizing our justice system in modern day slavery, have no empathy or compassion for fellow human being except the mighty dollar. We have Gambians whom much eloquent, educated and understand how to temper justice with mercy for our fellow citizens than these folks, whom are just around to make quick buck doing dirty jobs. They are actively involved in making up laws instead of interpreting existing laws and willing to make fool of themselves.


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They have made notable improvements in Gambia’s sorry record of kidnappings, cruelty on our women, confiscation of properties and imprisonments of innocent Gambian citizens without cause. They are trading Gambian lives with mighty dollar happily and laughing to the banks. From all indications, they are proud to make every attempt to show the lengths to which they will deliver injustice to the Gambians and are not even intelligent enough to uphold a well-reasoned decision. Worse yet, Emmanuel Fagbenle could not hide his joy and thus incriminated himself on mouth regime piece— the Daily Observer. “We thank him [the President] for giving us ten brand new executive cars for the new judges and a brand new complex for their accommodation”. Gambians have a proud tradition of doing good and showing respect to our elders but these people have a different tradition of showing what’s wrong with them. Their mental and emotional complexity is alien to us.



Needless to say, there are no words in any language to express the cruelty of these people but one must wonder why, these mercenaries are aroused by images of old men being trampled by security officers wearing high-heel military booths and women grisly torture, but took pleasure in ignoring all those evidence. With such people steering our justice system, it is extraordinarily difficult to have narrow exceptions of justice being served for the Gambian citizens. The demonstration of Nigerian mercenary judge’s cruelty in the cases such April 14th and April 15th are disturbing in terms of illustrating just how low human being can go to travel to end of the West Africa, just to deliver harsh justice to innocent Gambians. But such cases can also restore faith in the cause we are fighting to free our country.

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Our inability, or lack of will to come together as one people, is enabling these callous abusers—whom are practically impossible to understand when they speak, to use Gambia as a cash cow to fatten their appetite of money and take pleasure in seeing Gambians suffer. We have all witnessed how they provide too-soft penalties for abhorrent crimes as formality for regime to extend it terror on citizens and invent laws on their benches, just to earn a conviction. Gambia may be the only country in African now that actually trust mercenary judges and we are paying the hefty price for it. The most generous explanation we heard from them is that, they are around to cash in and really don’t care. The well-meaning Gambians whom are struck blind of their piety to fellow Gambians by trying to be self-righteousness and still dining with these people are just appeasing their wickedness. They need to go back to their homeland and take the remedial ethics classes they missed.



Now it should be clear to all, when Yahya Jammeh hired Nigerian mercenary judges whom all espouse his barbaric philosophy, it was clear he has abandoned all pretense of being a president who wants justice for his citizens. Nigerian mercenary judges have no problem showing Gambians what really lies under that hopeful lining and are ready to make outlandish rulings to earn a conviction. They see Gambia as a chance to extend their CV’s or resume, power to command public respect, and feed their appetite of money hunger with mighty dollar. Many lawyers and even ordinary Gambians, have expressed questions about their judicial temperament and craftsmanship because they are bullies on the bench or otherwise demonstrated out of touch with reality.



By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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