Thursday, July 25, 2024

The Gambia’s Constitution Disqualifies Mama Kandeh

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First of all, I believe that the Gambia’s constitution disqualifies Mr Mama Kandeh to be president . This is based on the simple reason that Mr Kandeh failed to fulfill the requirements of a being high school or senior secondary school graduate. According to 1997 constitution part 1:

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(1c) A person shall be qualified for election as president if: he or she has completed a senior secondary school education; and


(1d) He or she is qualified to be elected as a member of the National Assembly.

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Part (3) went further to state disqualifying factors: A person, while holding public office in The Gambia has been;


(3a). Compulsorily retired , terminated or dismissed from such office or

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(3b). Has been found guilty of any criminal offense by any court or tribunal established by law; or


(3c). Has been found liable for misconduct, negligence, corruption or improper behavior by any commission or committee of inquiry established by law shall not be qualified for election as president.


As far as education requirement is concerned, Mama Kandeh has never attended high school or senior secondary in The Gambia, therefore he is not qualified to run for office of presidency. When Mama Kandeh was in the National Assembly, he was dismissed and expelled by president Jammeh from the APRC which resulted to his lost of public office. The question which is very essential to ask ” why Mama Kandeh was dismissed and expelled from his former party , APRC?”. Was it because of improper behavior, corruption or misconduct as it has been rumored in many places? These are the most important questions which must be answered by president Jammeh and APRC . If Mama Kandeh was dismissed from public office because of corruption, improper behavior or misconduct from the investigative result of established APRC committee then it is violation of our constitution to let Mr Kandeh contest for election for the office of presidency.
I believe that Mama Kandeh is not qualified to contest presidential election if our constitutional provisions are strictly and truly adhered to for the common interest of Gambian people.


The office of presidency is the highest political office in The Gambia. The office of presidency should be occupied by someone with exceptional moral leadership values, skills and responsibility. He or She must be someone with highest Moral standing with strong sense of conviction to pursue the common interest of Gambian people. Mama Kandeh has failed to show moral leadership when he was in the National Assembly. He has given blind eye to atrocities committed by Jammeh’s regime.Mr Kandeh has supported and advocated for all the repressive laws which oppresses and violates the constitutional rights of Gambian people. Therefore , he is not different from Dictator Jammeh as far as his political belief and leadership values are concerned.


In open and democratic society, Mama Kandeh is not even qualified to be elected in local city council because he lacks basic leadership qualities such as empathy, humility, reliability, visionary and problem solving skills. Mr Kandeh spend ten years in the National Assembly without advocating and supporting any laws which advance our democracy or economic well being. Why would Gambians even listen to Mama Kandeh as he never truly care about their economic development and constitutional rights. Mama Kandeh is simply a political opportunist and an agent of dictatorship. He and Dictator Jammeh continue to be in bed for the exploitation of Gambian resources so that the oppression of ordinary citizens can continue. Both Jammeh and Kandeh do not care about rampant corruption and lawlessness in The Gambia.


Mama Kandeh has questionable qualifications and leadership skills which truly disqualified him as a leader of a political party much more to be president of The Gambia. In essence,Mama Kandeh is the most disqualified presidential candidate in the history of The Gambia.


Please publish. Gambians need to know why he was dismissed and expelled from APRC.
Thank you .


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