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The Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh’s USD bank statements exposed!

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Below we produce Yahya Jammeh’s USD bank statements from 2012 to 2013. The statements below shows millions of dollars paid into Jammeh’s accounts by Eagle/Gampetroleum and another company, Selectra AG. The statements are from the dictators Trust Bank account.

In January 2012, cheque number 1305 with an amount of two million US Dollars was into USD account of The Gambian dictator, Yahya Jammeh at Trust Bank, Gambia Limited. He later withdrew 1,876,416.90 and received an interest of USD 123.80

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Balance as of Dec 31 2012 was USD123,884.68

In 2013 jan Gampetroleum, to which Jammeh is a shareholder, deposited $2,000,000.00

Again in March 2013, another One million USD check was deposited by Eagle/Gampetroleum.

In the same month in 2013 Eagle/Gampetroleum american deposited another half a million USD

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In April 2013, a check of $99,982.50 was deposited by Selectra AG, an unknown company

In May 2013, a check amounting to $500,000 was deposited by The Euro African Group, a company owned by businessman Muhammed Bazzi who is also dictator Jammeh’s business partner.

Another cheque amounting to $250,000 was again paid into the account in July 2013 by Eagle/Gampetroleum

A cash deposit of $250,000 was made into the account in October, 2013. In November, Eagle/Gampetroleum made another deposit of $300,000

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A cash deposit of $200,000 was paid to the account in December 2013. In the same month, another cash deposit of a million USD was deposited into the account.

Total deposits in 2013 was $6,099,982.50 plus balance brought forward in 2012 which brings the total to $6,223,867.18

Total withdrawals $6,198,325.71

Bank charges on Forex and overdrafts


Bank balance as of December 31 2013


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