Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Flood Disaster in Libya: 11,000 Confirmed Deaths Due to Dam Failures

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By: The Fatu Network Editorial

Libya’s chief prosecutor is set to launch an investigation into the tragic collapse of two dams located in the eastern port city of Derna. This catastrophic event resulted in rapid and devastating floods, claiming the lives of thousands and causing extensive destruction throughout the city.

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General Prosecutor al-Sediq al-Sour announced to the press that the investigation will delve into the actions of local authorities, previous governments, and the allocation of funds designated for the maintenance of these dams.

“I reassure citizens that whoever made mistakes or negligence, prosecutors will certainly take firm measures, file a criminal case against him and send him to trial,” al-Sour declared during a late Friday news conference.

This inquiry comes amidst ongoing efforts by rescue teams to recover bodies in the severely affected city, nearly a week following the destructive impact of Storm Daniel on the dams. According to one aid official, the death toll has surpassed 11,000 people.

It is worth noting that conflicting accounts of the death toll have emerged, with officials from both the eastern and western regions of the divided nation presenting differing estimates.

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On Saturday, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that “the bodies of 3,958 people have been recovered and identified,” while an additional 9,000 individuals are still missing. The WHO also announced the arrival of 29 tons of medical supplies in Benghazi, an eastern Libyan city.

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