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The Fall of the White Stallion: Can the NPP Avoid Extinction?

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As the sun sets on The Gambia’s political landscape, one cannot help but wonder whether the once-galloping National People’s Party (NPP) has lost its spark. Since winning the presidential election in 2021, the NPP’s fortunes have dwindled, while the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) has gained momentum. The NPP’s recent performance in the National Assembly and local government elections has been lacklustre, and if their downward trend continues, they could be the first ruling party in the history of The Gambia to win a single term before going into extinction. The white stallion that once galloped triumphantly across the political landscape now appears to have lost its pace. What went wrong for the NPP, and can they regain their lost spark?

In the annals of Gambian history, the National People’s Party (NPP) will undoubtedly be remembered as a party that tasted victory but failed to hold on to its power. The once-dominant white horse that galloped across the political landscape, basking in the glory of a resounding electoral victory, now appears to have lost its spark. The NPP’s recent electoral losses have left many wondering whether this is the beginning of the end for the party. Has the NPP lost its way? Has it failed to deliver on its promises? Or has it simply been outmanoeuvred by the opposition United Democratic Party? As the country prepares for the mayoral and chairmanship elections, the stakes are higher than ever, and the NPP’s future hangs in the balance. The Gambia has a rich political history, but if the NPP cannot reignite its spark, it may become just another footnote in the country’s political story.

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The results of the recent Local Government Ward Council Elections in The Gambia have sent shockwaves throughout the political landscape, with the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) suffering another humiliating setback.

The scale of the loss is staggering, with the NPP led-coalition managing to secure a mere 61 seats out of a possible 120, while the opposition UDP singlehandedly scored an impressive 45 seats, a clear sign of the party’s rising popularity. The UDP’s success was further cemented by their victory in the Kanifing Municipality and West Coast Region, which represent a significant portion of the total votes cast in the election. The results are a clear indication that the NPP has lost its grip on power and the UDP is poised to take advantage of this newfound momentum.

As the NPP’s fortunes continue to dwindle, the party’s leadership seems to have lost sight of the need to continuously adapt and evolve. Their failure to recognize the changing political landscape and address the concerns of the Gambian electorate has been their undoing. The party’s top brass, who were once lauded for their strategic approach, have become nothing more than a bunch of lazy goons, unwilling to put in the work necessary to get their spark back.

Instead of taking a proactive approach, they rested on their laurels, assuming that their success in the presidential election would automatically translate to victory in other elections. Sadly, they were mistaken, and the NPP is now on the brink of extinction, becoming the first ruling party in Gambian history to win a single term before going into oblivion forever.

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It seems that the NPP is currently wandering in a sea of confusion, without a compass or a clear strategy to guide them towards regaining their lost spark. One would think that after suffering a devastating blow in the parliamentary elections, the party would have engaged in some soul-searching and introspection to identify the root causes of their failure.

Unfortunately, it appears that the NPP is content with burying their heads in the sand, hoping that the storm will pass and that their political fortunes will miraculously turn around. Perhaps they believe that if they close their eyes tight enough, they will wake up from this nightmare to find themselves back in the blissful days of the presidential elections. But alas, reality does not work that way, and the NPP’s lack of strategic planning and foresight is leading them down a path of self-destruction. It’s almost comical how they continue to repeat the same mistakes and rely on tired and ineffective messaging, like a broken record stuck on repeat.

It is truly a pity that the National People’s Party failed to comprehend the importance of keeping its foot soldiers engaged after the presidential elections. Instead of capitalizing on their hard work and dedication by nurturing them as the backbone of the party’s grassroots operations, they were rewarded with positions abroad or positions in government where they could do no good. It is no wonder that they have been unable to mount any effective campaign or mobilization since then. It is almost as if the NPP has taken their loyal supporters for granted, leaving them feeling betrayed and neglected. Who can blame them for quitting? It is a terrible mistake that will haunt the NPP as they slide into obscurity.

The National People’s Party (NPP) is at a critical juncture in its political history, and the outcome of the upcoming mayoral elections could determine its fate. With the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) gaining momentum and securing a significant number of seats in the recent National Assembly and local government elections, it is evident that the NPP has lost its spark. The NPP’s poor performance can be attributed to its top brass, a bunch of lazy goons who believed that the party’s success in the presidential elections would reflect on the parliamentary and local government elections. Alas! They were gravely mistaken.

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If the NPP loses in the upcoming mayoral elections in KMC, Banjul, and West Coast, it will be a recipe for the party’s doom and damnation. It will also mark the first time in the history of The Gambia that a ruling party wins a single term and goes into oblivion forever.

Unless a miracle happens, it is highly likely that whoever the UDP puts up in 2026 will easily defeat the NPP.

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