Monday, April 15, 2024

State Guard Commander Lt. Gen. Ansumana Tamba Demoted

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Security sources have informed The Fatu Network that Lt. Gen. Ansuman Tamba, officer commanding the state guard battalion has been demoted to the rank of captain. Sources say his demotion came after he had an issue with the commander in chief regarding money, it is not clear how much money was involved or what it was given to him for.

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Lt. Gen Tamba was moved immediately to The Gambia Armed Forces Training School upon receipt of his demotion letter from the ministry of defense at the office of the president in Banjul. “General Tamba is a very wicked commander, one month after he was promoted, he dismissed ten soldiers” a source close to the presidency said. He added that ‘Oga’ is also digging  his own grave by messing with senior members of the army.


Tamba is said to have been behind the demotion of military officer Malick Jatta who is part of Jammeh’s assassin team, the ‘junglers’. Malick was demoted to a W02 from a major. This happened when Tamba was a Colonel at the state house.

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Tamba and Major Joof are alleged to have taken part in the planning of the brutal killing of Ello Jallow, a security officer attached to the first lady, Zineb Yahya Jammeh.


Gen. Tamba was dictator Jammeh’s ADC until 2013 when he was appointed State Guard Commander.

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