Monday, February 26, 2024

Solo Sandeng’s son commends Barrow for granting late father state burial

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

Muhammed Sandeng, the son of the murdered United Democratic Party member, has commended President Adama Barrow for according to his late father a state burial and funeral service six years after his demise.

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Ebrima Solo Sandeng, in April 2016, with other members of the United Democratic Party took to the streets to demand electoral reform and democracy during President Jammeh’s regime, a protest that led to his arrest by the state securities and his eventual death, two days later.

Today, the state is organizing a state burial after years of trials that ended a few months ago sentencing former NIA director, Yankuba Badjie and others to jail.

Speaking to The Fatu Network, Muhammed Sandeng, his eldest son, praised the government for granting his late dad a state burial despite many claiming that President Barrow could have done more.

“Someone else may say otherwise, but I think maybe making a proclamation for an official funeral does it for President Barrow and I commend him for that,” he told TFN.

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He added: “It is an honour to have a state burial done for a loved one and a national icon for that matter, so I am pleased with such a gesture. I also believe that Solo Sandeng is one person who everyone agrees deserves honourable recognition for his sacrifice.”

According to Muhammed, his father envisaged a democratic and prosperous Gambia by giving up his life. He said for the Gambia to actualize what Solo envisaged, they must labour today and reap tomorrow.

“My father envisaged a democratic and prosperous Gambia. He gave his life for [it], knowing he’d not benefit from it after his death. That’s to say that achieving such requires us to labour today and reap tomorrow. So, it is a process and we have made strides, albeit with many challenges. It is left to us to continue his legacy as Gambians,” he told TFN.

The state funeral and burial service will begin today at the Never Again Memorial Arch, and the burial is expected to be done at the Dippa Kunda.

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