Friday, September 29, 2023

Seething Darboe lashes out at ‘brother’ Siaka Jatta over Fatoumatta Jawara attack

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By Lamin Njie

Ousainou Darboe on Monday lashed out at Siaka Jatta over Fatoumatta Jawara’s astonishing attacks against him.

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The Tallinding NAM at President Barrow’s meeting in Buffer Zone on Saturday branded the UDP leader a drunkard and kaffir (non-believer).

The comments have not been sitting well with UDP supporters and on Monday, hundreds of them showed up at Mr Darboe’s house in Pipeline to stand in solidarity with their leader.

Mr Darboe addressed the UDP adherents saying what happened on Saturday could spark violence.

He said: “What happened on Saturday in the presence of the president was nothing other than instigating violence. What I thought was, at that gathering, the president would address the issue by saying the remarks were distasteful, that the comments should not have been made because they could lead to violence. But he didn’t do that.

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“The person who made the comments, the comments didn’t get to me. What she also accused me of didn’t get to me. It’s two things that angered me; their chairman… I was angered by his [behaviour] and up till the day I die it will never go away. I admit that someone I share the same parents with, can be in one party while I am in another. But I refuse to admit that when we are not part of the same party, we should do things that will destroy our kinship.

“The reason I am saying these is because the chairman and I are from Lang Marang Sanneh. Siaka is my younger brother. A wayward child makes nasty comments, my younger brother said nothing other than saying, ‘we will now call Bati Yaay to perform’.”

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