“We Are Running Out Of Room For Our Garbage” Modou Jonga

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The Spokesperson of the Brikama Area Council (BAC), Modou Jonga has said the council is face with the scarcity of space to be used for dump site in Brikama.

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“There is scarcity of space to be used as dumpsite in Brikama,” Modou Jonga said.

The BAC Spokesperson speaking to this medium in an interview has confirmed the lack of space to be used as dumpsite by thousands of people who are residents of Brikama. He said the Council would welcome the community’s efforts to give land to be used as a dumpsite.

“It is not the role of the council to provide a dumpsite. That is the role of the National Environment Agency. We don’t have a land,” Modou Jonga disclosed.

Jonga further revealed the ongoing talks between The Gambia College, National Environment Agency (NEA) and other stakeholders for the demarcation and allocation of a site to be designated by the College Management. He said the college management intends to give part of its land to be used as a dumpsite in a bid to address the problem. He added that talks are at advance stage.

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The BAC Spokesperson spoke about a special vehicle allocated for garbage collection at the Brikama Car Park. He complained about the people who dumped waste in the car park at night. He said the council and car park committee are working to solve the problem.

“The car park is not an authorized dumpsite,” he asserted.

Spokesperson Jonga was questioned about the plight of the people having garbage in their homes. He said the council have trucks that goes around to collect waste but many of the residents are complaining bitterly against the council’s waste collectors. It is said that waste collectors are not collecting waste from homes.

The canteen owners and vegetable sellers told this medium that the Brikama Market is one of the dirtiest markets particularly in the rainy season were garbage is stuck all around with worms in the dirty water. Some of the canteen owners around the Health Centre complained about the heaps of waste taken out of the drainage lying beside their canteens on the road with people and transports passing between them.

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“We have tasked ourselves to open and clean the drainage because it is filled with waste that create blockade for the water,” A canteen owner complained.

He said the heap of waste is still lying beside the road affecting the movement of people and transport but still the council have not collected it.

Meanwhile, the Spokesperson said they have started collecting the heap of waste at the health centre highway which the canteen owners flatly denied.

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