Saturday, December 9, 2023

Rebuttal: A critical reply to the Banjul Insider’s article on the people in the struggle to end dictatorship!

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The independent Gambians want the unending bashing of the socalled ‘Jammeh enablers or self proclaimed ‘selfless participants to nation building’ jurors and judges field to halt and recind the recent’idiocy’rants. The Gambian independents and i in particular are bristling at the largely tepid response by so called bloggers and contributors to online media publications to characterization of Jammeh’s enablers as unapologetic, should be ashamed of themselves and step up to the plate” to propell the struggle into victory and finally nail Jammeh and his evil diciples in their coffins for good.

Several 2016 contenders have brushed off Jammeh’s enablers bashing comments while others have ignored them. O.J, a seasoned politician who is a former PPP ruling member, denounced them as not just wrong and inaccurate, but also divisive, after declining for almost 20 years to address the matter directly. Another opposition leader in the race, Ousainou Darboe, said the legal system is terrific, brash and speaks for itself and we should continue to exploit them to dispense judgement on Jammeh enablers or his disciples and not crucify them on social media.

It’s an uncomfortable moment for the opposition, who want more financial and political support and usage of online media airtime from the ‘Ex enablers’ surging into struggle population, fleeing for fears of persecution and personal safety from Jammeh’s brutal tight fist governance.

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And it could be a costly moment if more opposition candidates like Halifa Sallah don’t go beyond their Jammeh-will-be-Jammeh and ‘Yalla bahna’ response and condemn him directly and name and shame anyone involved in his brutality.

“The time has come for the candidates to distance themselves from gimmicks and embrace substance and call out all documented or non documented evil metted out on Gambians and not these bashing online newpapers comments that are: ludicrous, baseless and insulting.” “Sadly, it hurts the struggle with ‘Jammeh’s runnaways or socalled ‘enablers’ doing their quotas in selflessly narrating their stories and that of others left behind in ailing prison and legal conditions as born_a_agains participating in protests, on line call in forums or even publishing articles documenting and calling out Jammeh’s crimes.

It’s a level of idiocy I haven’t seen in a long time to lose focus and inwardly fighting each other instead of trying to win more hearts and minds to join the struggle, to get rid of this conterminatinating and poisonious Jammeh regime.

So far, Jammeh has paid less of a political price than an economic one. The EU, America, Taiwan and Arab nations, has backed out of sending blank aid checks (foreign aid) to Gambia, NGO’s a joint venture between Gambia and Charitable Non Govermental organisations , which also recently began cutting+ ties with Jammeh. Other African leaders are facing pressure to follow suit.

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In his speech last month marking his entry into the reconcilation mode with former jailed compaetriates like Musa Suso in Sukuta, Jammeh said ‘Musa paid the price for their friendship by not listening to his advice about distancing himself from drug dealers and crooks. That they’re only bringing crime towards him and not wealth as thought by Musa.’

The Lebanese businessmen has refused to write checks to Jammeh and are not willing to bribe or back down, although Jammeh has recently expelled people like Tajudine and then recinds and now he is allowed to stay and even insists his remarks were misconstrued. His IEC reforms on presidential candidacy financial requirement contributions were deferred by supreme court.

His statements have been contorted to seem harsh and uncalled for, his concerned fellow citizens and even some supporters wrote in a message to the struggle on FB Wednesday. What he wants is for inclusive voting system and not a one man show or one party state legal and not to be unfairly punishing future interested and capable presidential candidates because Jammeh wants to rule for life. His original comments, though, did not make a distinction between one party state and a no election contest.

His rhetoric may resonate with some of the APRC Party’s most passionate voters, who have long viewed Jammeh as a demi God, as one of the nation’s most promising president and best citizen.

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But the 2016 contest brings opportunity for the struggle to make inroads with undecided voters and those defected Jammeh supporters.

Even so, Ahmat Bah has said little more about Jammeh’s comments than that they were wrong.

Maybe we’ll have a chance to have an honest discussion about it online any day he decides to come out of hiding and grant and interview with the struggle online radios.

We are all paying keen attention to how the candidates respond to Jammeh’s xenophobic, homophobic and divisive rhetoric.

We’re listening very, very closely, not just what candidates say but what they don’t say — the sins of commission and the sins of omission, carry same punishment in common law.

Calling defectors enablers is wholly inappropriate and we should wait until Jammeh is out, set up a comission and not rush to judvemnet. But in a subsequent conotation, those that reserve judgement on enablers and so called enablers have all right to be where they are on the fence for now, until reconciliation commitee is set up and rules judgemnt post eviden e collection, scrutinisation and analysis.

I don’t think online publication’s remarks reflect the struggle annd they are engaging in political correctness in attacking anyone who severed ties with dictator Jammeh, afterall he is a dictator. The struggle needs someone who brings Gambians in diaspora and those at home together — not someone who continues to divide us.

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