Gambia’s new President Adama Barrow has estimated that his predecessor, former President Yahya Jammeh, had looted 4 billion Gambian dalasi (approximately 85 million euros) domestically during his 22 years rule.

According to him, inquiries have since open into Jammeh’s activities abroad, insisting that justice would be served.

President Barrow made these revelations last Thursday, March 16th, during an interview with FRANCE 24’s Marc Perelman in Paris on ‘The Interview’ Show during his maiden visit to Europe since assuming office.

President Barrow stressed that inquiries into the extent of Jammeh’s embezzlement were still underway, but he estimated that so far, experts had determined that the former dictator had looted 4 billion dalasi (approximately 85 million euros) domestically. An inquiry commission was still looking into other areas and the assets Jammeh had transferred abroad.

“The Gambia was looted. The Gambia was robbed by the [former] president. If you rob the Gambia, obviously we would want to recover, if there are any assets we feel we want to recover, why not?” said Barrow.

Barrow said he was determined to put Gambia on the road to recovery saying he is confident France and the EU would boost financial support to his country after 22 years of dictatorship.

When asked about his unusual ascent to power following the contested 2016 presidential election, Barrow insisted he was not “an accidental president” and that he had secured his party’s nomination as well as his electoral victory through the democratic process.